Ding'an Rice

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The southern part of Ding'an is an ideal place for selenium-enriched rice. Because the local rice is planted in selenium-enriched soil, extracting the essence of the earth, selenium is involved in the whole process of rice starch and protein synthesis and operation. Compared with the selenium content of the external selenium fertilizer, the Dingan rice has natural selenium. The traits are much more efficient and safe to be absorbed by the body. Long-term use of selenium-enriched rice can resist oxidation, anti-aging, protect and repair nutrient cells, improve oxygen carrying capacity of red blood cells, protect cell membrane integrity, detoxification, detoxification, anti-pollution, prevent cancer, and improve human immune function.

Ding'an rice quality technical requirements First, the variety is suitable for local cultivation of japonica varieties. Second, the site conditions soil into the parent granite granite, basalt, volcanic ash basalt, shallow sea sediments, sandy rocks 5 categories. The soil has a pH of 4.6 to 5.6. Among them, it can be labeled as “Dingan-rich selenium rice” in the soil-forming parent granite granite, basalt and volcanic ash basalt. Third, cultivation management Sowing: (1) Preparation before insertion: deep ploughing 20cm to 25cm, the soil is flattened and fine. (2) Sowing time: early indica rice is from late January to mid-February; late indica rice is in June and mid-June. (3) Fertilization: 400kg to 500kg of organic fertilizer per 667 square meters (mu). (4) Planting density: Early and late hybrid rice is planted with 1.8 to 2.0 million holes per 667 square meters (mu), with 1 to 2 seedlings per hole. 2. 4. Harvest early indica rice is harvested in late May, and late japonica rice is harvested in mid-to-late October. V. Processing Millet → clearing → wind selection → stone removal → grinding → selection → quantification → packaging → finished product. Sixth, quality characteristics 1. Sensory features: the rice is smooth and strong. After cooking, the aroma is rich, the rice is soft and the food is delicious. 2. The selenium content of "Dingan selenium-enriched rice" is 0.06 mg/kg to 0.2 mg/kg. 3. Safety and other quality technical requirements: Product safety and other quality technical requirements must comply with relevant national regulations.

Apply to:
Producers within the scope of Ding'an rice production area may apply to the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Ding'an County of Hainan Province for the use of the “Special Mark for Geographical Indication Products”, which shall be reviewed by the Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau of Hainan Province and announced to the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine for approval. The testing organization of Ding'an Rice is selected by the Hainan Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision in the testing institutions that meet the qualification requirements.