Top restaurant in anhui

House Celebration

Celebration House was founded in 1925, has historically been all over Beijing, Nanjing, Wuhan, Wuhu and other cities, had received Mao Zedong, Liu, Chiang Kai-shek and other celebrities, prominent. As Chinese historical restaurant, the 1999 House Celebration ie Ministry of Domestic Trade identified as "old", in 2006 by the Ministry of Commerce once again identified as "old." In 2010, after China and CCPIT Shanghai World Expo Bureau elected, celebrating floor as the eight major cuisines of China business representatives settled in the Expo, has won widespread praise at home and abroad guests.

Geng Fuxing

"Geng Fuxing" a Qing Emperor Guangxu (1888), before the combination of the Gunn brothers Jiangdu Cheung Wang and Chang Fu dumpling face and Wuhu Yim silver master Crisp biscuits made "Geng Fuxing dumpling noodle." Vicissitudes, a hundred years is not bad, until today, "Geng Fuxing Restaurant" fame, Wuhu and Hefei in the catering sector fame. Geng Fuxing its specialties, crab soup dumplings, cakes and fried shrimp seed surface, combined with the development of rich and Huaiyang cuisine Anhui cuisine, touting universal celebrity, guests from all directions. It has hosted world leaders and more than one hundred thirty countries envoys, award-winning, well-known calligrapher Lai Shaoqi inscribed its name.

Fellow chicken

Chicken Food Co., Ltd. in Anhui fellow first fast-food fat old mother hen West opened in 2003 in Hefei; fellow chicken is 180 days and the farmer spring chicken stewed chicken soup featuring Feixi mother; the selection of food vendors depth cooperation brands , quality assured; transparent design of the restaurant kitchen, cooking the whole show in front of customers, clean visible. Adhere to health and nutrition of Chinese cooking produced, recognized and welcomed by consumers. Better choice as a daily meal, chicken fellow has served 500 million passengers consumers, customers line up to become the restaurant daily.

Zhao Dexuan

Zhao Dexuan Suzhou City Food Services Ltd. is specialized in catering services of the traditional old enterprises. The company formerly known as Suzhou City catering company"s Park Hotel, Zhao Dexuan founded in the Qing Xianfeng six years (1856), by the places the city has broad aim places the city Temple, after which he worked Hiroshi son Zengzhao De 𦠿 soup with Liuhuai Yu big cake, Zhu seven horseshoe ten biscuits, Zhao transporter Shuijian Bao, Wang Yunsheng fritters combination. Vicissitudes, unchanged for centuries.

Shou Agate Springs tofu shop

Agate Springs tofu with spring water rich in trace elements of high-quality spring water for the brewing, selection of eight public mountain, farm life along the West Lake of high-quality soybeans as raw tofu, tofu produced a delicate, soft white, supplemented with this tofu fried, fried, cooking, fry, boil, stew and other cooking and carving skills, geographical and cultural elements into the Shou, become known around the "agate spring tofu feast." Works are: Chrysanthemum tofu, when the seedlings left calf, Liu Dan point, Chu currency tofu. Today, the sixth generation descendant of Shou County, Anhui Agate Hall, general manager of tailor tofu spring, has access to "advanced cooks", "Chinese chefs" and so on, his business skills, proficient Anhui cuisine, local cuisine Shouzhou Department, in particular, He specializes in the production of tofu feast, participated in many national and award-winning tofu feast.

Villa Shexian Piyun

Piyun Villa built halfway up the mountain in Piyun, the whole building is typical of Hui - style garden, eating is a feature of the three-star hotel, in neighboring Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui cuisine like the first choice. State-owned Piyun Ltd. is located in the historic city of Villa Ancient House seat of Lianjiang River, was founded in 1997, expanding the intangible cultural heritage "emblem House Piyun food", creating a "feast emblem", "Variety emblem Banquet "," emblem of the stew, "" Piyun emblem of stew "and other new Slices brand, cultivating intangible cultural heritage inheritors, Chinese master chef, Chinese cooking teacher, China Anhui cuisine masters, professional catering division of nutrition and other chefs team.

Wuhu City Hall had come soup packets

I wanted soup package museum was established in December 2006. The name comes from the thick had come "to a cage" homonym. From the beginning the shop is committed to heritage, promote local snacks, integrated and packaged soup with dumplings represented Wuhu snacks, while creating a "24-hour service is not closing" business model. At this point, "he had come thick" opened ten years, in the River City Wuhu brand a household name, but overseas visitors to our soup praised.

Cave Spring

"Cave Spring" began in 1906, is a century-old Anhui Fuyang, Anhui brand as its trademark Cave Spring Restaurant Entertainment Group registered owner; Cave Spring Restaurant Entertainment Group predecessor was founded in 2001, Hualian Food Co., Ltd. Fuyang.

Luzhou Roast Duck Restaurant

To the capital Beijing to eat "Quanjude" roast duck, and to Hefei, not eaten "Luzhou Roast Duck Restaurant" in the roast duck is also a major shortcoming. Not only for outsiders, is in the old Hefei human growth memories, Luzhou roast duck shop crispy duck, duck sesame seed oil, duck fat soup ...... these are always delicious classic reminiscent to cheek teeth.

Huainan beef soup Hsu

Huainan beef soup Hsu"s Restaurant Management Co., Ltd. Hsu"s beef soup is to improve and increase the pine needles, cassia and other nourishing herbs dozen secret recipe seasonal basis Huainan beef soup on ancestral recipes. Excellent selection of beef, bone, carefully brewed over three hours of made. Fragrant and delicious, not dry mouth drink, do not dry throat, matched with refined vermicelli, bean cake, bean curd skin, eat a hundred tire, the land of China is also well-known local snacks.

Three Rivers Restaurant

Hefei Sanhe four sons Food Culture Group is in the "Three Rivers Restaurant" on the basis of development and growth of private enterprises, "local dishes" from the Millennium town Three Rivers, through the "three rivers and four sons" who mining, integration, innovation has become a modern city return to nature nostalgia sustenance indispensable delicacies, so early abortion "Three Rivers Restaurant" turn units and other bits of endless, the industry has been amazing.

Han Jingbo soup kitchen

JAC handed down Gourmet old - "Han Jingbo Tang Museum," was founded in March 1925, has nearly 90 years of history, can say a hundred years old, the "Han Jingbo" the entrepreneurial struggle to obtain rapid development, is unique in the industry has won the national "Chinese snack, China food Festival gold snacks," provincial "handed down gourmet old JAC, Anhui snack, Anhui point name, Anhui dishes," first Fuyang local dishes in the contest won four "local flavor snacks and silver spoon Award ...... "honorary title.

Shou West Lake Hotel

Shou Shou West Lake Hotel, December 6, 1986 was established in a beautiful historical and cultural town - Shou, Shou Shou Xihu original farm subordinate units in 1999, the implementation of the physical life of the West Lake farm reform, the end of 1999, led by blue pottery thirteen shareholder buyout Shou West Lake Hotel ownership, set up in Anhui Shou County Shou West Lake Hotel Limited. To "build China"s first brand Shouzhou local cuisine, cultural heritage and Everbright Shouzhou dishes, will be the most delicious dishes Shouzhou sold around the world" as the goal, now has two subsidiaries, seven enterprises and institutions canteens , he was awarded the provincial and municipal famous restaurant Anhui, Anhui green hotel, food hygiene A-level units in Anhui Province, Anhui women"s business demonstration units honor.

Piyun emblem House Hotel

Piyun emblem House dishes from Huizong and for three years (AD 1121), and Huizhou merchants and town hall officials footprint origins very well. Piyun emblem government based dishes based on integration of different customs and eating habits, into civil dishes, mining peaceful calm mood, to calm deep cooking simmer, savor the fusion of folk and nature, the combination of Huizhou amazing scene of rural wind, rural folk , rural flavor and Huizhou traditional cuisine, embodies the noble gas emblem of the House Seder, become more heavy and civil delicious.

Xiaoya era featured lobster shop

Xiaoya Hotel Times was founded in 1988, is a company with 30 years of history famous restaurant, in addition to a research development features lobster, it is a company with a variety of delicacies large hotel. Braised beef burned sucks very fragrant, it has become the era Xiaoya except lobster dish flag. Smelly mandarin fish, traditional classical cooking techniques, topped with a thick sauce, garlic fish, delicious layers. Another toon head scrambled eggs, cold jellyfish head, fried lotus root, salt edamame, cucumber and other fried beef, friends gathering or family dinner table to the point where local dishes, plus a few lobster dish, eat absolutely satisfied .

Jinshan old flavor

80s of the last century, Jinshan Hotel is Bengbu people queuing for longer willing to be a gathering place for tasty, very tasty Jinshan Gansi, meat dishes, as well as Crab lion head, soft pocket eel ...... are deeply labeled Bengbu the taste of the old label, has become an irreplaceable taste memory. Although not in the old flavor, but fortunately promising Jinshan brand extension of the old flavor, our final thoughts have asked.

Huangshan Xihai Hotel

Huangshan Xihai Hotel Huangshan Xihai Hotel is located in the altitude of 1600 meters in Huangshan Scenic Area, next to Danxia peak is to watch the sea of ​​clouds, sunrise and sunset, is a good place pines rocks. Hotel West led West peaks, can close up flying stones, is the entrance to Grand Canyon West, east of Lion Peak and peak before the letter, only 1,000 meters from the north gate of Huangshan Taiping cableway.

Anhui banquet

Wanyan is opened in Longbai hotel. Eight buildings are now Wanyan restaurant.

Southern Mountain Villa Hotel

Southern Mountain Villa known as "the first in West Hill", located in Anhui Province-level scenic spots at the foot of Hengshan Mountain, yard, beautiful scenery and beautiful environment, about 1 km from the old town. Mount Holyoke investment by the county government building, was founded in April 1985, May 1998 was Anhui Provincial Tourism Administration formally approved two-star tourist hotel. Southern Mountain Resort As the first one-star tourist hotels and government Huoshan County hotel reception, he has received over the central leadership Song Jian, Qiao Shi, Hu Ping, Wen Jiabao, Foreign Minister Hui Liangyu, etc., and the Kingdom of the Netherlands Pronk Excellency, more than 30 foreigners countries, international and regional organizations.

Ningguo Qinglongwan Ecological Park

Qinglongwan eco-tourism area is located in Ningguo City, only 10 kilometers from the city, it is relying on state-level large reservoir Gangkouwan reservoir and construction of tourist area of ​​hundreds of square kilometers, of which the surface area of ​​over 30 square kilometers, the reservoir area there are 38 separate islands. During the beautiful lake, mountain Chuan Yi people, Qinglin bamboo, evergreen; glen beck, fish Exotic, peak clouds, cliffs everywhere, eyrei acres, spectacular.

Lingyun roast goose town

Now it is late autumn and the weather is getting colder. The steaming casserole in Huaiyang cuisine has become a favorite dish of many northern people. Therefore, shaoezi food city has launched a series of Casserole Dishes on the basis of the original service items while maintaining the original Cantonese cuisine tradition. The best time for people to enjoy the delicious food is to enjoy the delicious food Choose.

Jixi Zihyuan

Purple landscaped area located in Jixi County launched the East Village, is the only way leading to Longchuan scenic area, covers an area of ​​10,000 square meters. The whole garden borrow mountain view, cut water for gas to move the mountain of still water, the natural, cultural and melt-in-one, brings together the essence of the architecture of Huizhou Ming and Qing Dynasties, with its unique patriarchal sense of style and artistic area style, creating a rich history of its atmosphere. Into purple garden "houses like stars dotted columns, overlooking Fenqiangdaiwa, pine maple trees, houses crowded, like a castle." See for himself, touched the optic nerve is beautiful scenery; spiritual shock is delivered stacked type wharf wall; Significantly secluded alleys. These scattered like pearls of ancient houses, financial landscape in a furnace; humanistic morality set to dominate, to become a beautiful landscape to show the inner world of Huizhou, Huizhou is a microcosm of six hundred years of settlement culture!

Street first floor

The first floor of the old street of Tunxi Old Street, Huangshan known as the catering business, pure tradition Slices: "Huizhou hair tofu", "wishful floor chicken", "Huizhou bamboo shoots in politics", "Hu a product pot "" braised mandarin fish smell "...... many items, taste authentic. Steaming stew burned fried, spicy sweet and sour, a thousand AIDS Subway, everything. On the first floor, which is difficult to define signature dishes. Rather, the first floor Street itself is the most vivid signs loudest.