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Huogongdian is set Changsha Han Chinese folk culture, fire temple culture, food culture in one of the public places representative, especially Huogongdian snack renowned Sunshine. As the famous attractions of Changsha City, Hunan Province, located in Tianxin slope sub Street, Changsha City, is also a well-known "old" business, where you can eat a variety of snacks Changsha, Hunan, Changsha, such as tofu, authentic Mao Pork, sugar, oil Baba and so on. Huogongdian as Food City now have at Changsha 5, including a headquarters, four branches.

Chen Kee

Yeh classic Hong Kong films, "Iron Chef" in Nancy Sit with barbecued pork will be moved to tears, defeated the Tang cattle pretenders. Cantonese occupied half of "burning smell" must have "Chen Ji" name. This Macau 60 years old Michelin recommended eight consecutive years, but a lot of visitors to Macau will punch culinary point.

Tao Tao Ju

As the 2017 Michelin No restaurant, voices are common scenes of Tao Tao Ju. Tao Tao Ju flagship snack during the day, at night serves Cantonese cuisine. Old shop spread over 80 loading, extremely popular, so booking in advance is essential. Store services fast and efficient enough Front steady stream of traffic. Jalan taste spicy baked crab, pepper and screw head is to kill the old chicken soup cooked fish, it is widely acclaimed cuisine.

Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant

Pak Loh Chiu Chow Restaurant was founded in 1967, in Hong Kong Causeway Bay was founded by Mr. Shixiong, Hong Kong is one of the best old tide restaurant. For decades, Tupper adhere to the use Chaozhou traditional ingredients, seasonings and cooking methods, food diners dedication. Recommended restaurants won more honors French Cordon Bleu cuisine Association. In 2010, Pak Loh Chiu Chow officially stationed in Galaxy Macau, the authentic taste of Chaozhou, brought here!


Macau was once a colony of Portugal, though the return has been 20 years, but the Portuguese cuisine retained. In Macau you can eat more authentic Portuguese cuisine, while Kwan Kee dining room is an inexpensive renowned Portuguese restaurant in Macau. It's a long history in Macao, the Macao Chinese boss, but burned very authentic Portuguese dishes, plus the restaurant is open in the vicinity of the famous Ruins of St. Paul area, so the restaurant business is hot every day, diners flock.

​ Dragon Portuguese Cuisine

Galaxy Macau is located on Broadway Lucky Dragon Macau Portuguese meal is the most classic and most authentic Portuguese dishes, is the 2017 Michelin-recommended restaurants, Macau is the new road has the longest history of Portuguese cuisine restaurant, Macao-born Portuguese dishes and Portugal are the difference is that the national dish and cooking material, during the Portuguese rule, Macao, the Portuguese food culture combined approach and ruled the city, including Africa, India and Brazil brought to Macao, Macao and using local ingredients to produce a unique Macao-born Portuguese menu. Although the founder of Lucky Dragon Portuguese restaurant is the people of Macao, but can speak first-class Portuguese, Portuguese around a young age to participate in the party, and how to make authentic Portuguese dishes in the process of gathering.

Casa de Pasto San Tou Tou

New Tao Tao restaurant, the locals eat old Cantonese, the store opened in 1950, the store in Crown Street in the vicinity, until now, has maintained the old store Guangdong hotel decor. Stores signature dish chicken pot fin fragrant, fragrant taste, but the weight is enough.

Xi Yue

"Hi Yue Chinese Restaurant" is located in The Venetian Macao, to provide healthy food for our guests. The restaurant interior decorated with traditional Chinese style. Ranked Michelin Guide 2017. Must-try dishes include fried chicken gold, black truffle Sautéed Australia straps and salamanders scallion Black Pig grain. Travelers should take note that the restaurant is located in the Venetian casino floor 1st floor corner, it may be difficult to find.

Estb de Comidas Shun Tek Keong

Opened more than three decades, famed Hong Kong and Macao, nostalgic home cooking, only Shunde public.