Top restaurant in hunan

Mao hotels

"Mao hotels' place opposite Comrade Mao Zedong's former residence, founded by Ms. Tangrui Ren was cordially received by Chairman Mao in 1987. Shaoshan Mao hotels [headquarters] its name former central leading comrades of the first Road King personally wrote. For three decades, Mao hotels and foreign guests received a total of tens of millions of people.


Huogongdian is set Changsha Han Chinese folk culture, fire temple culture, food culture in one of the public places representative, especially Huogongdian snack renowned Sunshine. As the famous attractions of Changsha City, Hunan Province, located in Tianxin slope sub Street, Changsha City, is also a well-known "old" business, where you can eat a variety of snacks Changsha, Hunan, Changsha, such as tofu, authentic Mao Pork, sugar, oil Baba and so on. Huogongdian as Food City now have at Changsha 5, including a headquarters, four branches.

Xiangxi tribe

Hunan Xiangxi tribal catering chain Co., Ltd. was established on March 11, 2002. It is a large-scale catering chain enterprise, which promotes the catering culture with national characteristics and creates the catering brand with national characteristics. It is a large-scale catering chain enterprise integrating the operation of Xiangxi cuisine and the dissemination and production of Xiangxi culture. Through 18 years of development, Xiangxi tribe has many direct and cooperative franchise stores in many provinces and cities of the country. Xiangxi tribe was awarded "China"s top ten famous Hunan cuisine stores", "Chinese catering culture symbol enterprise", "2007 Global Top 100 Chinese catering industry", and "top 100 Chinese catering enterprises in 2019".

The first spring of halal

In Changde, speaking of the first Muslim spring, almost everyone knows. Founded in 1937, the first Muslim spring is the only "Chinese time honored brand" enterprise in Changde City. Over the past 80 years, the first Muslim spring has experienced great changes, witnessed the rise and fall of the country, and carried the taste buds memory of several generations of Changde people.

Yuk House East Restaurant

Changsha Yuk House East Ltd. is a sophomore catering enterprises, Hunan only "national super Restaurant" and "National Top Ten Restaurant", catering enterprises in Hunan only "little giant enterprises", is a prestigious, renowned Sanxiang Shoppes century. Grandson of the late Qing Zeng Hanlin had had a history of wide CASTLE meal, leaving Quotes such a popular "spicy chicken soup Aberdeen full stomach, it is often recalled Yuk House East." Hunan chefs Tan Xi ancient court, Shugui Qing, etc. have in this chef main reason; Chinese master chef, Hunan arts master Xu Juyun now devote themselves to research, technology transfer grant only. Yuk House East due to the strong technology and unique historical and cultural heritage, as the birthplace of authentic Hunan cuisine, enjoy the Hunan "Whampoa Military Academy" in the world.

Lake House

Towering tower, green glazed tile walls, ancient and heavy gates fingertips. No matter how you come from developed areas, Lake House gives the first impression is definitely a shock, whether it is a royal palace or a restaurant? South of the United States, the United States in Lin Yuan, the United States House of Westlake, Royal Wonderland worth, the United States and in mood. Lake House based on different architectural styles and cuisine, Hunan is divided into zones, imperial palace area, Harborside southern Cantonese District, Lake District, snacks, form an organic whole around the artificial lake. Hunan, Guangdong, royal cuisine, Hangzhou cuisine, home cooking, specialties throughout Hunan is cleverly dispersed landscape in these areas, "a three-step views, a gourmet ten steps" to describe Lake House more relevant.

Xiangtan Huadu International Hotel

Huadu restaurant has banquet venues of different sizes and styles, which can accommodate 2000 people at the same time. The hotel restaurant also has 38 European style boxes with different styles. It is an ideal place for you to entertain guests with luxurious decoration, excellent dishes and warm and thoughtful service.

Pig's feet

Li Qiang, the founder of "seven craftsmen, Li San" cooked food, started to operate fried food, pickles and cooked food since his military career changed. In order to create delicious food on the tongue of the "eaters", he constantly innovated the technology, and the variety series increased to more than 100, forming a unique flavor snack. In the first "Wuling flavor" characteristic catering and tea culture competition in three provinces and nine regions, cooked food "famous pig"s feet" won the title of top ten famous snacks in Wuling mountain area. And won: Hunan special snacks, special flavor food award and other honorary awards.

Shaoshan hotels

Shaoshan hotel was built in December 1951, is part of the difference between the funding of Shaoshan in Hunan Authority is a public institution, is the Hunan provincial government agency set up important reception in Shaoshan. Shaoshan City, the core area is located in the south and adjacent to Mao Zedong Square, Comrade Mao Zedong's former residence west of 500 meters, just ten minutes by car, transportation is very convenient from the high-speed rail station. Due to the reception of Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin, Hu Jintao and other Party and state leaders and more than 100 foreign heads of state, heads of government, leaders of political parties Ho Chi Minh, Sihanouk, known as the "guesthouse", now part of Shaoshan in Hunan Province Authority. Hotel beautiful environment, warm service, exquisite cuisine, the project is complete.

Nvshu Hotel

Jiangyong Nushu hotel is a cultural hotel with the theme of "Nvshu culture" built according to the four-star standard. The first floor is the lobby, the second floor is high-grade catering, which can accommodate 300 people. The third floor is a high-standard entertainment and leisure center. The fourth to eighth floors are high-grade guest rooms and luxury VIP suites. There are 82 rooms in total, which can accommodate 150 people. There are multi-functional meeting rooms with more than 5000 Square meters of leisure square and large parking lot, elegant environment, convenient transportation, about 30 minutes from the railway station, about 5 minutes from the bus station, about 30 minutes from the tourist attractions Qianjiadong, the Millennium ancient village Shanggantang, the Millennium women"s book garden and GouLan Yao village in Tiantang Yao village.

Good food on

Good food restaurant on the youth, is a mainly eat Hunan and Cantonese restaurant, there are chili pork, sweet and sour shrimp, rich chicken, coriander and other beef roll, pork chili is a very tasty cooking - mostly cyan put pepper and delicate piece of tenderloin stir the pot together, mouth to eat meat is very tender, add green pepper aroma, taste more fragrant, very good. Menu fine print pictures at a glance. Wobble is US-based, overall not too spicy taste, easier to accept foreign guests. Thunder particularly like duck, Everyone praised. Changsha famous old restaurant, the restaurant business is very good, popular enough.

One virtue one

Changde Wuling District yideyi snack bar was established in July 2003. It is a local specialty snack bar mainly engaged in Changde rice noodles. At present, there are 22 direct operated stores (excluding franchisees), with antique dining environment, all kinds of snacks in the East, West, North and south, local farm dishes and home-made dishes, including nearly 200 varieties of noodles, snack pastries, desserts, stewed vegetables, duck king series, home cooked dishes, etc.

Zhongwei Shennong Hotel

Zhongwei Shennong Hotel, founded in 1997, is located in the center of Changsha with convenient transportation. The elegant style of the guest room, the combination of Chinese and Western food, complete functions of the venue, and all kinds of sports and entertainment are available. With the perfect functions of eating, living, sports and entertainment facilities, you can enjoy the super value enjoyment and pleasant experience.

Huatian Hotel

At the same time, Hunan Huatian Hotel has successfully passed the "2016 evaluation star review" and "2017 regular star review". It has always been taking "the service of customer satisfaction and surprise" as the core concept, taking the improvement of service quality and customer satisfaction as the goal, adhering to the customer-centered, grasping the service quality, and creating every exquisite life for customers with exquisite service.

Huayue Hotel

Changsha's Huayue Hotel (Hunan Huayue Dajiudian) is situated just alongside the Wujialing Flyover. This Changsha hotel offers deluxe suites, business suites, standard suites and standard rooms. Hunan cuisine and Cantonese fare are served in the Chinese restaurant. The multifunctional hall is equipped with a video cassette recorder and electronic shorthand machine. For smaller events, the hotel also has six small conference rooms that accommodate 30 to 100 people.