Top restaurant in zhejiang

Yan state capital

Yan state capital is a mining, sorting and research Yanzhou landscape, culture, food mission to landscape folk native dishes at the core melt hotel management, food development, research and teaching as one of the dining Limited. Rely on strict state Qingshanxiushui, long-standing history and culture, rich folk customs with real alcohol is known as "wild, earth, fresh" natural, green, healthy specialties, strict state capital and gradually worked out a "landscape, culture, cuisine "combine harmonious development of the new road, started the" strict state capital "brand of propaganda while Yanzhou landscape, promote the culture of strict state.

Ningbo Mandarin Garden Hotel

Founded in Qianlong 50 years of century-old, to help Yong authentic famous dishes, the restaurant is located on the river Yong, the window you can see the beauty of the river bank, antique decoration, very authentic dishes, especially the signature dish Huang Yu Geng, might point to try.

Restaurant Filled

Known as "the cuisine and the beauty of sharing meals" and famous Hangzhou Restaurant Filled located in the beautiful West Lake, at the foot of Gushan. Chong Qing dynasty, twenty-eight years (1848), has been 150 years of history. Hongrui Tang poetry from the Southern Song Dynasty poet Lin Sheng "title Lin Di," "outside the Castle Hill Restaurant Filled, Lake dance subside; Heater Xunde visitors drunk, straight to Hangzhou for Bianzhou" be inspired, but the restaurant named " Lou Wai Lou. "


In the booming catering industry in Hangzhou, zhiweiguan, Weizhuang, yanggongdi, Xihu, is now rising again. Since its opening in May 2004, the restaurant has been full of customers every day. Every holiday is especially lively. Tourists from home and abroad come one after another. When dining in the middle and evening, the hall and private room that can accommodate nearly 1000 people can eat at the same time. It can be said that it is a combination of delicious food and scenery enjoyment!

Lake fish taste Museum

Lake fish taste Museum was founded in 1980 by Mr. Hall personally inscribed the name of the famous painting master Ye Qianyu, 1987, namely as "Chinese restaurant name," loaded "Zhejiang brand" and "Concise Dictionary of Chinese cooking." Lake fish taste Museum employing explosion, fried, slip, basic steam, stew and other traditional cooking techniques, has brought together the essence of the major branches of the north and south, to explore the development of a "fresh eggplant casserole", "Silk casserole" "Silk Maw" and other brands dishes, Chun brand organic fish head has become a gold card Lake tourism products.

Xinrongji (Linghu store)

At the beginning, Xinrongji also focused on Cantonese cuisine. Founder Zhang Yong gradually made Taizhou"s seafood and Donghai"s small seafood as its main dishes.

Guiyu Shanfang Restaurant

The name of the restaurant "Guiyu Shanfang" is written by master Yue Zhen of taoguang temple. It has a strong sense of Zen. The vegetarian meal in the restaurant is also very famous.

Laobian Restaurant

The name of the only Black Pearl Restaurant in Huangyan, Chen Xiaoqing, the chief director of "flavor world" and "tip of the tongue", came to Taizhou, and he went to Laobian restaurant. Laobian restaurant used to be a seafood stall hiding in the alley. The variety and freshness of fish and shrimp are unexpected. Later, Lao Bian moved into the alleys and alleys of Huangyan and turned from the old door into a unique world: a half concrete house and a wooden antique three story building expanded on the basis of the cement house for half a year, forming an open-air courtyard.

Crape myrtle hall, West Lake State Guesthouse

West Lake State Guesthouse is located in the west of West Lake. It faces west lake on three sides and backs on Dingjiashan. It is built by several manors in late Qing Dynasty, such as Liuzhuang, Kangzhuang and Hanzhuang. It has a history of more than 100 years. It has the reputation of "the first famous garden of West Lake". It has been the designated place of residence for successive premier of the Republic of China to Hangzhou. The team in the crape myrtle Hall of the West Lake State Guesthouse is a "national team" with countless achievements. They have the best graduates from the culinary school, many years of skilled teachers, and the most elegant state guest teachers. They have worked together for an average of more than 15 years. This dream team has been brilliant at the G20 summit!

Xianheng Hotel

Xianheng hotel, founded in 1894, in May 2010 at the newly opened 5 star standard. Because Mr. Lu Xun pictured in the "ji" and many other works, and famous at home and abroad. Now after expansion and reconstruction, Xianheng hotel has been upgraded to the southern culture, the cultural background, financial city, celebrities, famous style in one five-star culture theme hotel.

Ding Lianfang

Ding Lianfang"s thousand steamed buns in Huzhou, Zhejiang Province, were founded by Ding Lianfang, a folk businessman, in the fourth year of the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty. After more than a hundred years of market scouring, Ding Lianfang has developed a series of special foods on the basis of thousands of steamed buns, and expanded the online sales platform, continuing the glory of time-honored brands.

Liyuan, star anise cup

Liyuan is a private banquet created by master Yang, the former chef of the mountain. In a cafe at No. 61, Santai Yunshe, the scenic area is elegant. A seemingly "simple" three-story white building is hidden in it. The environment of the first floor of the cafe is elegant. The second-third floor is where the private dining room is located. There are two independent boxes with good privacy. There are only two boxes per day, and each table is 8-10 Bit. The schedule is very full, and all the dishes are ordered in advance. It seems that you come to the chef"s house and wait for him to cook for you. The overall dining atmosphere is relatively warm.

Dongshan Seafood Restaurant

He is well aware of Wenzhou People"s tastes and preferences. With his decades of experience in purchasing good raw materials, Huang Zongyan is quite a general. He firmly believes that the taste suitable for Wenzhou people is king"s way!

La Villa Restaurant

Sanyange, the most anticipated French restaurant in Hangzhou, has a Chinese style dining environment, mix Western food, exquisite and flexible; the restaurant provides authentic French food, most of which are transported by air from France. The food combines modern dishes and original design, and has traditional and authentic French flavor. The restaurant has always insisted on 100% French taste. Although Chinese may not be used to it for the time being, all French guests will feel at home when they come here. This is the taste of home. What the restaurant sells is an idea, a concept of French catering culture, so that all the guests can enjoy the authentic traditional French food.

Kuiyuan Museum

There is a saying: "if you don"t eat Kuiyuan"s noodles in Hangzhou, you"ve never visited Hangzhou." Over the past hundred years, the Kuiyuan Museum has received celebrities such as Cai tingkai, Jiang Jingguo, Li Jishen, Chen Shutong, Mei Lanfang, Zhu Kezhen, Gai jiaotian, Zhou Xuan, Jin Yong and other celebrities. After the victory of the Anti Japanese war in 1945, general Cai tingkai, the former commander of the 19th Route Army of the Kuomintang, and Li Jishen went to kuiyuanguan and left the word "original southeast creation" in ink.

Zhou Shengji

Zhou Shengji, a Chinese time-honored brand, a famous Chinese snack! Founder Zhou Jixiang was founded in 1940, 80 years ago. In 1989, Zhou Shengji"s traditional wonton and stewed chicken feet won the Zhejiang provincial high-quality product award; in 1993, it was recognized as "China time honored brand" by the Ministry of domestic trade; in 1997, the Chinese Cuisine Association confirmed zhoushengji wonton as "Chinese famous snack".

Shaoxing Hotel

Shaoxing Hotel is a five-star tourist hotel, founded in 1958, it has a long history and rich cultural heritage. Hotel is located in the center of downtown city, south to Goujian hardships named after the Wolong Mountain, next to City Square, convenient transportation, the environment elegant, simple and elegant buildings together with the white walls and black tiles, winding paths and corridors, bridges, flowers and trees trees, with a strong southern residential characteristics, known as Grace downtown.

Xinrongji (Xixi Wetland store)

Xinrongji Xixi store is located in Xixi scenic area, with a garden area of more than 4000 square meters. In addition to catering, Xinrongji also puts forward special requirements for the site construction here. Bluestone, green tree, bamboo fence, wine shop In a restaurant surrounded by clear water, we are not only surrounded by luxuriant plants, but also elegant green maple and swimming Koi, which are very close and quietly inlaid in Xixi wetland.

Xinrongji (Taizhou Central Avenue store)

In February 2005, Taizhou Xinrongji opened its business. Located in Taizhou Economic Development Zone, it is a hotel integrating catering and guest rooms. Here the quiet card seat, the noise outside the window, like two worlds. The mottled lines show the simple wall painting, the carved screen half covers the box door, the window lattice and the lamp lamp are full of ancient charm. Everything is relaxed between the simple and the luxurious. Here, the function of the box is not only to eat, but also to have a rest, enjoy tea and read. The bookshelf literature exudes a strong cultural atmosphere, and the sentiment is also elegant.

Phoenix Villa

Located in the center of Taizhou, lizing Fenghuang villa is located in the downtown area of Jiaojiang District, Taizhou. It is the only Garden Hotel in the center of the city. The villa is surrounded by mountains and waters. The buildings in the style of Jiangnan courtyard are simple and elegant. You can see the grand scenery and push the window to show the graceful beauty of Phoenix! The villa has restaurants, boxes, bars and lounges of different styles. There are more than 200 square meters of luxury box for you to enjoy the delicious dishes of Taizhou local, Cantonese and Mediterranean authentic Western dishes. It"s a great choice for you to entertain VIP guests, relatives and friends.

Jiangnan impression of China Restaurant

Jiaxing Jiangnan impression Food Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 to operate a Hong Kong-style Yan Bao Chi, Cantonese dishes based Jiangnan private kitchens, food supplement in South Lake boat. Jiangnan impression of Chinese restaurant as the name suggests, simple and highly artistic, soaked deep background knowledge of the history of the south. Large dining area, a total of 15 function rooms, the other with a banquet hall, moving rooms, quiet rooms. Jiangnan impression to operate Yan Bao Chi Hong Kong-style, Cantonese dishes based Jiangnan private kitchens, food supplement in South Lake boat. The "tonic abalone" and "gentleman shark fin" was named "2006 China Gold Cantonese" China Hotel Association!

Lanxuan village food shop

Lanxuan village food shop is located in the core area of Hangzhou West Lake scenic area. It is located in amanfa cloud of legendary luxury brand hotel. The streams are gurgling and the ancient trees are towering. You can walk to seven famous ancient temples such as Lingyin Temple. The restaurant tries to restore the feeling of an ancient village in the south of the Yangtze River in the 18th century, and the decoration is simple and elegant. The business area is small, and there are only more than 20 tables in the room. When the weather is pleasant in spring and autumn, four outdoor tables will be opened.

Tanggong Restaurant

Tanggong restaurant adheres to the traditional business philosophy of treating guests with integrity. Through building the cultural brand of Tang Xianzu and carrying forward the catering culture with Suichang characteristics, Tanggong restaurant has been awarded the titles of "famous Chinese restaurant", "famous catering enterprise in Zhejiang Province", "top 500 Chinese catering enterprises", "famous restaurant in Zhejiang Province" and "top 10 green catering in Lishui City".


Located on the path of Bapanling Road, Xihu scenic spot, Jiexiang building is one of the restaurants in Zixuan resort. There are three restaurants in Zixuan resort, and the other two are Japanese Huaishi cuisine and French food. They are both the same boss. The three restaurants are all ranked in the list of black pearls. The total number of black pearls is "the king of black pearls in Hangzhou", and jiexianglou of Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine is the most dazzling pearl in this crown.

Grand Hyatt Hangzhou · Hubin 28 Chinese Restaurant

Under the leadership of executive chef Cheng Yu, the professional cooking team focuses on authentic Hangzhou cuisine, from Suzhou in the north to Huaiyang in the West. After refining and upgrading, the traditional recipes have reached a perfect balance between flavor and aging. The special dishes are also amazing, including Jiangnan Fugui chicken, song Sao"s fish soup and gold medal braised meat.

Clean heart marsh

Dixinma is one of the "eight sceneries of Longjing". After driving through the most beautiful section of Longjing Road, you will arrive at dixinma. Without any obvious indication, it seems to be wearing invisibility cloak, and it will be missed if you are not careful. It"s authentic Hangzhou cuisine. Its shape, concept, table setting, production and taste are carefully observed. The owner has the ability to operate such a good food and beverage. It is very attentive. The dishes of dixinma have a kind of wild interest and taste, but the shape is not scattered. Each product is like a scene melted into the dixinma, which makes the mouth and teeth fragrant and pleasing to the eyes.

Haiweishijia Restaurant

You can tell from the name of the restaurant that it is one of the best place in Ningbo to have sea food. Haiweishijia means the family that is good at making seafood for several generations. The seafood here is really delicious as well as expensive. It is suitable for the students who are to first time to visit Ningno.

Yuyuan Chinese restaurant, Fanhai Diaoyutai Hotel

[Yuyuan] the Chinese restaurant is located on the 18th and 19th floors of the oceanwide Diaoyutai hotel. There are 9 elegant private rooms with an area of 50-80 square meters. There are independent meal preparation rooms and toilets. Five of them face the Qiantang River and have an excellent view. The name of Yuyuan is from the garden in the courtyard of Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. The restaurant provides a variety of dishes, the most distinctive is the Diaoyutai cuisine. To taste the Diaoyutai cuisine, you can not only taste the exquisite dishes, but also experience the noble experience of Chinese food culture and meticulous etiquette. Main recommendation: Diaoyutai green mustard baked steak, Diaoyutai mullet egg soup.

Hanshe Xiaoya Hanshe Pavilion

Hanshe Xiaoya Hanshe Pavilion is located in the scenic area beside the Hangzhou canal. It is close to the canal. It is a branch of Hanshe Chinese restaurant. It is quiet in the city, shaded by mountains and rivers, white walls and white tiles. It mainly serves Sichuan cuisine, Guangdong cuisine and Jiangsu Zhejiang cuisine. The cuisine design has absorbed the flavor essence of local cuisine, which is neither oily nor salty. The roast duck made of pure jujube is one of its highlights.

Meiyan modern restaurant

It"s the best place to say that it"s antique. However, the structure of the courtyard makes people wonder how deep the courtyard is. There are exquisite carved windows and coffins in the room, the light is vivid, and the whispering of "Night Shanghai" comes from the ear.


Qinglan is a romantic western restaurant hidden by the West Lake on yanggongdi. It is a must for dating and intimate friends. The 360 ° all glass view offers a panoramic view of the scenery outside the window. From the first dish, the appetizer, the soup To the main course, desserts Qinglan products have always been not disappointing. Recommendation: stir fry Hokkaido scallops with dried vegetables, hot spring eggs with black truffle sauce and vegetable puree.

Last aquatic product

Ningbo seafood gourmands must go to the Holy Land in their heart. There are many varieties of Chaohai fresh pool. The food selected on the spot is fresh and the price is reasonable. The price is reasonable and the value is good. The famous emperor crab is eaten three times. The crab body is cooked in kelp hotpot, the crab leg is roasted, and the crab roe is cooked with rice. Entering the door, you can see many seafood pools, just like an aquarium. Simple Japanese dining environment, warm colors of light, semi open kitchen, chefs orderly busy.

Haizhongzhou International Hotel

Haizhongzhou international hotel is a high star featured theme hotel wholly owned by Zhejiang haizhongzhou Group Co., Ltd., covering an area of 21486 square meters. It is decorated with two characteristic elements of "sea" and "Buddha". It has 373 rooms (sets) of various types. It is specially designed for Buddhist meditation floor. The hotel is located in Putuo Donggang business district, Zhoushan Islands New District, Zhejiang Province, adjacent to Putuo The administrative building of the district government is a landmark of the city. The hotel is 10 minutes" drive from Putuo Mountain airport. It is across the sea from Putuo Mountain, the hometown of sand sculpture and Taohua Island described by Jin Yong. It is the hub of Putuo tourism golden triangle.

Ningbo boyue Hotel

The Park Hyatt Hotel in Ningbo has Qianhu fishing port restaurant featuring Ningbo local Lake Seafood and hangbang cuisine; Yuexuan restaurant offers a wide range of delicious food from Asian and Italian cuisine to weekend brunch and buffet afternoon tea. The hotel is worth mentioning is the restaurant rebuilt from two ancient buildings, the tea garden reconstructed from Dai"s hall built in Qing Dynasty, and the red house reconstructed from Peijun temple in Dayan village, which is 700 years old. In addition to these ancient buildings, guests can also enjoy the unique experience of "private banquets" on the vast Dongqian Lake.

Yuexuan Chinese restaurant, Baiyue Hotel, Hangzhou

In Qianjiang New City, the Yuexuan Chinese restaurant of Hangzhou Baiyue hotel is the first choice for many people to treat and eat. It not only has a long view, but also enjoys the beautiful scenery of the cloud. Its excellent service and exquisite creative dishes also make many people forget to go back. Yuexuan is mainly composed of Jiangsu and Zhejiang cuisine and Cantonese cuisine. It adopts classic cooking techniques, selects fresh seasonal ingredients, and combines the natural five flavors of food with balanced nutrition.

Four seasons hotel of Xizi Lake · Jinsha Hall

"Jinsha" in Jinsha hall means wealth and luck. Besides the main dining hall, there are 11 elegant and elegant VIP halls with beautiful scenery shuttling between the lotus ponds in the garden. The most beautiful scenery of the West Lake is in sight. It is surrounded by clear water, rockeries, turbulent waterfalls and Jiangnan style courtyard scenery. Jinsha hall, as a restaurant continuously selected in the list of Forbes Travel Guide from 2016 to 2018 and won the four-star award, can almost be regarded as the representative of high-end exquisite catering in Hangzhou City, and is deeply loved by celebrities, merchants, diners and gourmands in the city. The culinary concept of "authentic and authentic taste" is especially advocated. Its products are based on hangbang cuisine and constantly innovated.

Manshu Huaishi cuisine

On the other hand, it is the first and the second floor of the stone wall, and the other side of the garden. This product is very comfortable and beautiful. It is a calm and peaceful feeling.