Top restaurant in liaoning

Deer Spring

Yo Yo Luming Hundred, Huang Huang Chun Yao Kyushu. Deer spring, the birthplace of Liaoning cuisine and classic representative of the Chinese century-old well-known restaurants, state-level intangible cultural heritage "Liaoning cuisine traditional cooking techniques," the exclusive protection units. Its name from the "Book of Songs" Xiaoya Luming article: "Yo Yo Luming, Siye of Ping, I have guests, harp blowing Sheng." Year 1929 has created, context Yuan Yuan, delicacy fragrance, Langhammer brilliance. Numerous domestic and foreign politicians, dignitaries, celebrities performing arts, merchants come to enjoy the great masters of cuisine. Feast with cooking, Luming feast, Liaoning cuisine delicacies and fine play the main dishes. Site, original, juice, Deer spring is sound flavor enjoys universal, Wuzhou Ming-yao!

Spoon Park Hotel

The early twentieth century, with the Northeast and boom, Shandong in the northeast bear fruit. At that time the population of the old Shenyang "Miharu sixth floor" are mainly to Shandong, where "Miharu" Deer in the spring is now one of the well-known hotel in Shenyang. Speaking of "spoon Park" and "Michaelis three parks," one of the most famous, built by the famous Ming Dynasty painter meters Wanzhong in the Ming Dynasty. Shenyang spoon park was founded in 1915 in Shenyang, Taiyuan Street, gathered a lot of time to cook special Shandong cuisine chefs. Deer spring when opened, Tenda wire room the boss had sent engraved with "cottage, garden spoon," the two plaques, which means wind quaint shops, exquisite cuisine. The Shaoyuan boss felt sort of a small hotel, to make the best culinary boutique, is consistent with "spoon Park", will take the name.

Fengtian Pavilion

Traditional Liaoning cuisine and fusion cuisine are the main dishes, supplemented by the innovation of local specialties. The green and healthy "home cooked dishes" have been upgraded and developed. They have won the honor of "top ten famous restaurants of Chinese liaocai" and confirmed by the representative inheritors of national intangible cultural heritage. The main dishes such as Fengtian old style pot wrapped meat and snow soft bean paste are listed in the list of Chinese famous dishes.

Liao Ma Flavor Restaurant

At present, Liaoning hemp flavor restaurant has reached more than 3000 square meters, with four banquet halls and 28 private rooms, which can accommodate 1200 people to eat at the same time. There are more than 130 staff in the restaurant. Through the joint efforts of this team, it has continuously brought huge economic and social benefits to the enterprise and society. Liaoma flavor restaurant has been rated as a famous restaurant in Liaoyang, a famous restaurant in Liaoning Province, a famous restaurant in Northeast China, a top ten wedding restaurant in Liaoning Province, a famous restaurant with national characteristics and a time-honored enterprise in Liaoning Province.

Li Liangui

Li Liangui brand was born in November 1908, it has been a hundred years of history, is a famous old Chinese. January 6, 2013, the original flavor Li Liangui Restaurant restructuring, the establishment of Siping Li Liangui Food Service Co., Ltd., Mr. Wen Yalong company sponsors and absolute control of the people. Existing outlets 18, employees 330 people, stores all over the country. Over the past decade, continuous access to China Cuisine Association, "China Top 100 Catering Enterprises", China Chain Store & Franchise Association, "China Franchise 120" title. It is a large thriving catering business.

Liaohe River ferry

Liaohe River ferry is part of the Department of Restaurant Management Co. Waterford, left to provincial non-food "dishes Liaohe River mouth fishing" the main character, heritage and cultural development of Liaoning cuisine. Decorated with ancient heavy "brick culture", "Liao ferry culture", "Modern high-tech" mutual integration, national intangible cultural heritage "Northeast drum" live performance, the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage New Bin Manchu paper cutting, Shenyang Lee folk pinch origami, Manchu folk embroidery, traditional shadow theater staging exhibitions reproduces Liaohe River ferry, known as the "museum restaurant."

Ganlu Dumplings Restaurant

Ganlu Dumplings Restaurant was founded in 1934. It is a "Chinese time-honored brand" restaurant with a history of more than 80 years. All the dumplings produced by the restaurant have always maintained the traditional method of hand-making.

Heshengji beef spoon shop

Mention Tieling famous local characteristic snack - "beef spoon", as Tieling people, I"m afraid everyone knows. There are a lot of foreigners, but also attracted by the name, eat an authentic beef spoon. "Hexingji beef spoon" is golden yellow, with clear layers, crisp and tender inside, crisp but not broken, oil but not greasy. It is suitable for all ages, and it definitely brings you the shock of taste! A lot of people come into hexingji for the old flavor of warmth lingering in the heart.

Ma Jia Shaomai

Located in the west of Zhengyang Street, xiaobeimenli, Shenhe District, Shenyang City, Majia Shaomai restaurant has become a famous flavor restaurant in the three eastern provinces after more than 200 years of development.

Yuanweizhai roast duck restaurant

Yuanweizhai in Shenyang, formerly known as Beijing puyunlou roast duck restaurant. It was built in the Qianlong period of Qing Dynasty. It has a history of more than 200 years. At that time, it was as famous as Quanjude and jianyifang. In 1930, puyun building set up a semicolon in the north market of Shenyang. As soon as it opened, it was famous in Northeast China. Famous people from all walks of life, such as Zhang Xueliang and Mei Lanfang, were guests here. After liberation, puyunlou was renamed "xinweizhai roast duck restaurant". In 1999, Yuanlin, the successor of xinweizhai roast duck restaurant, established yuanweizhai roast duck restaurant.

Niuzhuang cuichunqing pie shop

Cui Chunqing Niuzhuang pie has been entertained for many times by the central government, provincial and municipal leaders and foreign guests, and has been well received. And I have been interviewed by several news circles (China labor daily, Beijing TV station, Liaoning TV station, Liaoning Daily, etc.). It won the first place of local flavor famous brand food in Liaoning Province, gold award of Liaoning Tourism Food Festival, famous restaurant, famous trademark of Liaoning Province, top ten tourism flavor of Liaoning Province, gold medal of "manna Cup" competition, famous household food, famous Chinese snack by State Bureau of domestic trade, Chinese famous snack by Chinese Cuisine Association, and gold medal of Beijing Olympic cuisine in 2008.

Po Fat Park

In Shenyang, the oldest commercial street "City Street" East head, there are old, antique decoration a nondescript. In front of a huge plaque, plaque written in the left side of the "four no food legendary"; the right of writing "Po Fat Park reputation as a hundred years"; in the "old" in the middle of India, the upper plaque straight and says "treasure send garden restaurant name "several vigorous strong characters, crossed the lobby, greeted by a couplet, the Alliance is" four no food - dumping northeast Young Marshal "; the second line is" Po fat Park - famous provincial capital on hundred years "scroll reads," Chinese dishes. "

Pinyin Hotel

The cooking skill of Pinyin originated from wanting"s responsibility. He was called Wan San Ye because of his loud shouting and excellent craftsmanship. He was good at cooking, and was influenced by his cooking skills. Time flies, so far, has formed the eight bowls and two products signboard. Eight bowls are oxtail, chicken stewed mushroom, stewed meatballs, mutton soup, stewed fish, stewed Sandan, stewed dried vegetables, stewed pickled vegetables, two products for Shoutao noodle fish, water cake.

The Wangs Courtyard

Some people say that Wang"s courtyard is the most distinctive and folk restaurant he has ever seen. Its overall design is based on the old rural and production team era. It collects many of the oldest folk ornaments, tools and photos to decorate. Especially, some elderly guests will have a lot of cordial feelings when they come here. This atmosphere and scene remind them of their memories and feelings I feel like I"m back in the 1950s and 1960s. At night, the red light is flickering in the Wangs" courtyard, which is unique. On weekends, there are performers and acrobats from northeast Errenzhuan to "report on the performance".

The old side Dumpling House

Shenyang old side Dumpling House is a restaurant, food processing, franchising in one of the "old" catering business. The old side Dumpling House was built in 1829, has been nearly 180 years of history, the old side of dumplings traditional production techniques are included in the municipal intangible cultural heritage, the old side of a trademark is well-known trademarks provinces. 2000-year-old side Dumpling House is Shanghai Great World Guinness recognized as "the world"s oldest Dumpling House."

Chunhua Seafood City Hotel

Founded in 1992, China Seafood City Hotel is located in the west section of Minjiang Road, Yingkou Economic and Technological Development Zone. With a construction area of 12000 square meters and a business area of 5500 square meters, it can accommodate 1200 people at the same time. With good seafood quality and business philosophy, Chunhua seafood city has become a well-known hotel brand in Bayuquan.

New seafood

The seafood Museum used to be located in the present Victory Square, and its facade was also one of two at that time. Seafood is the main dish in the seafood restaurant, which also belongs to Shandong cuisine. In that month, most people could afford it. At that time, the seafood restaurant did not seem to be decorated. There was a plastic tablecloth on the wooden table and a chopstick box on the table cloth. The memory of Dalian is just like this. The seafood Museum used to be located in the present Victory Square, and its facade was also one of two at that time. Seafood is the main dish in the seafood restaurant, which also belongs to Shandong cuisine. In that month, most people could afford it. At that time, the seafood restaurant did not seem to be decorated. There was a plastic tablecloth on the wooden table and a chopstick box on the table cloth. In this way, the small shop carries the memory of Dalian people"s hometown.

Dynasty hotel

Dandong Imperial Hotel is a high-end hotel with seafood as its characteristics. It leads Dandong catering seafood characteristics, achieves the first seafood brand in Dandong catering industry, and leads the catering fashion and trend. Standing in the imperial court, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of foreign countries, enjoy the delicious seafood dinner and the warm and satisfied smile service in the magnificent and elegant private room. Have a good drink, raise a glass to celebrate, feel full of life!

Eight bowl

Manchu eight bowl refers to one of eight treasures at the Feast, every New Year, celebration, shuttle, marriage and other wealthy more than eight bowl to be entertained, eight people per table, table eight dishes, all served in bowls this eight-course focus on a variety of cooking methods, popular folk welcome. The development up to now, no longer limited to eight eight bowl dish, but it is its own unique features.

Tieling Tianxing Hotel

Tianxing Hotel Tieling is the only four-star business hotel, the top ten green business hotel and the top ten business brand hotel in China.

Friendship Hotel Fushun

Friendship hotel is the first and the only five-star tourist hotel in Fushun City. It is a state-owned enterprise integrating government affairs and business reception. It is a member of Liaoning Tourism Hotel Industry Association. The hotel is located on the beautiful amber mountain in Fushun City. Since it opened on October 1, 1957, it has successfully received Mao Zedong, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Chen Yun, Peng Dehuai, Deng Xiaoping and other proletarian revolutionaries of the older generation.

Dacheng International Hot Spring Hotel

Kazuo Dacheng International Hot Spring Hotel is located in Kazuo County, which is known as "the land of Golden Tripod". We will find a magnificent landmark building. The hotel, with an overall construction area of 30000 square meters, is located at the intersection of Liaoning, Hebei and Inner Mongolia provinces, adjacent to major transportation hubs, with unique natural conditions and geographical advantages

Qinghua Hotel

Fosi Qinghua hotel is located in the east of manbazha Cang, Ruiying temple, a national 4A tourist attraction. It covers an area of 1000 square meters. It has farmhouse accommodation, special private rooms and banquet hall. It can accommodate more than 500 people to eat at the same time. At the same time, it also introduces farm picking.

Xiaoshi Yangtang Restaurant

Located in Yingbin Road, Benxi Manchu Autonomous County, Yangtang hall is the only place for Dashi lake, laobiangou, Benxi Water Cave and Huanren tourism county. It covers an area of 2000 square meters and has 100 employees. Over the past 20 years since its establishment, the Yangtang restaurant has always insisted on making the mutton soup with Manchu characteristics pure, which guarantees the "four Huhu" characteristics of mutton soup, which are oily, hot, rotten and fat.

Red Hotel Dandong

Dandong Fred hotel is located in Dandong, a beautiful border city known as "northeast Suzhou and Hangzhou". Located in the beautiful Yalu River, facing the mysterious country of Korea across the river. The hotel has unique natural resources, sitting on a line of Yalu River scenery, guests step by step. 5 minutes drive to Dandong famous scenic spot - Yalu River Bridge, the traffic is very convenient.

KeLong Hotel

Shenyang Cologne Hotel is the first hotel with the theme of Shuaifu culture in China. The hotel has the unique "five handsome banquet" and "five theme private rooms", namely, presidential banquet, general banquet, Young Marshal banquet, Shuai banquet, Fushou banquet and dashai hall, Shaoshuai hall, Zhaosi hall, Madame Shou Hall and Fengzhi hall, which can meet the different needs of customers.

Zhao qiansun Li Pu bamboo shoot tasting Hall

Located on the first floor of Pusheng Museum in Panjin specialty Museum, the Museum of zhaoqiansun Li Pu bamboo shoots in Panshan county has a total area of 117 square meters, including eight large and medium-sized box rooms. The restaurant has an elegant environment. It mainly manages Panjin"s local characteristic catering, and uses Panjin"s unique ingredients to make Panjin"s regional characteristic delicious food. There are 30 villages and towns in Panjin. Each township selects a special dish to form a unique Panjin food map. You can order on the map of Panjin. It is an excellent place for local people to entertain guests from other places, and also a dining room for Panjin regional cuisine.