Top restaurant in shanghai

Sheng Yongxing

Different, for example, Beijing roast duck restaurant. Liqun is suitable for foreigners to eat; Hanshe is opened by southerners and roasted with the method of Zhangcha duck; the old Beijingers like to go to Jiuhuashan, which is rich and greasy, and I personally like the greasy smell; for young people, I would recommend shengyongxing.


Yuzhilan restaurant in Chengdu is a private dish of LAN Guijun, the most famous Sichuan cuisine master. Yuzhilan originates from the names of LAN Guijun and his wife, who are in charge of the restaurant. They are also one of the varieties of orchids in China. The name of yuzhilan comes from this. To understand yuzhilan, you must first understand LAN Guijun. LAN Guijun, born in 1965 in Xinjin County, Sichuan Province, is the father of pickled peppers and chicken feet. He is not like the general stereotype of Sichuan cuisine master with a big pot of fireworks. He is modest and has the inclusive temperament of Sichuan cuisine.


Gongdelin, vegetarian community a resounding gold standard in 1922, Buddha's birthday that day, which for the first time to show the world their true capacity graceful. The past century, from the initial Gongdelin Nanjing East Road, Cheung Hong years, has moved to the Yellow River Road, Nanjing West Road, the historical celebrities Cai, Liu Yazi, the beginning of Lu Xun, Zhao flutter, Master Hai Deng were once regulars sit there , Premier Zhou Enlai, Vice Premier Chen Yi also visit Gongdelin taste specialties and amazed. Zhao wrote in 1977 a plaque was Gongdelin vegan place. Today's virtues have three floors, 6 rooms, 330 dining seats, and continued antique, quiet and elegant, Zen rich style, loved the taste of class and culture, religion, art people.


"Da Dong", with Beijing and Shanghai and Little Big Dong, Dong duck big brand stores in 13 Chinese well-known food brands. Main dish large Dong Zhongguo mood of foreign five-star five-diamond restaurant, known as the capital will go to a spot in the foreign guests in Beijing, it has become a national embassy reception to Huagui Bin designated restaurant. During the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008, the Beijing Olympic Organizing Committee designated as "Olympic Games special reception restaurant", by the praise of the International Olympic Committee President Jacques Rogge, Samaranch as well as heads of state; during the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation APEC summit in 2014, Dong Zhongguo force affected the mood in the international dishes to attract, visit the Da Dong restaurant to taste each dish has a great mood Dong Zhongguo "New Chinese food" concept in China during the world leaders.

T’ang Court

The Langham Hotel Hong Kong is located in the Michelin-starred T'ang Court Cantonese Restaurant, since 2009 began to obtain very authority of the Food Guide "Michelin Guide Hong Kong and Macau" named for the star restaurant, is now the world's five award-winning Michelin stars in one dish hall. T'ang Court elegant style, with unsurpassed workmanship chef, cooking a variety of Cantonese delicacy, to show the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty style.


The founder of the Family Li Imperial Cuisine, Beijing, Professor Li Shan-lin, taught Applied Mathematics at the Beijing Capital Economy & Trade University. His wife, Wang Xiao-zhou served as a pediatrician, who passed away in Dec 2009.

Wang Jiasha

Wang"s Shaben Gang"s pastry making technique is a traditional handicraft in Jing"an District of Shanghai. Wangjiasha dim sum restaurant was founded in 1945 and has a history of more than 60 years. "Wangjiasha" was originally wangjiashe, but it was a place name. Because "Sha" is another word for "she", and "Sha" is homonymous with "she" in Shanghai dialect, and the homonym is borrowed to form wangjiasha. Although wangjiasha dim sum shop gets its name from its place, it is famous for its snacks in Shanghai. There are many delicious crab meat dumplings, sweet and delicious eight treasure rice, and fresh and delicious crab meat dumplings, all of which enjoy a high reputation in the industry. In 1945, Yao Zichu and others chose wangjiashe (now No. 805 Nanjing West Road) to open a snack shop, named "wangjiasha". "Wangjiasha snack shop" is famous for its crab shell yellow, double yellow, shrimp wonton and fried steamed bread.

Lao Zhengxing

Laozhengxing is an early restaurant in Shanghai, which was established in 1862 in the first year of Tongzhi reign of the Qing Dynasty. It was located in the original mainland shopping mall (formerly called Buddha"s shop, which was called the hotel alley) in lane 350, Jiujiang Road, Shanghai. It was opened by Zhu Yuanyuan and Cai Renxing, Ningbo people in Zhejiang Province. The name of the hotel was "Zheng" and "Xing" "Building a new museum". Because there were so many counterfeiters, it was renamed "Lao Zhengxing" with the word "Tongzhi". This is why Shanghai called it "the king of hotels" - the origin of "laozhengxing hall". Lao Zhengxing won the honor of Michelin one star restaurant for four consecutive years.

Ding Yixing

"Feng Jing Ding hoof" was founded in Xianfeng two years (AD 1852), Jiangsu, Zhejiang area is known for the local specialty. "Feng Jing Ding hoof" choice of materials stress produced using local fine porcine (pig Feng Jing) hooves as raw materials, production methods which have horseshoe refurbishing, boiling water, trichotillomania, soup seasoned, three Wang three paper, the bowl, the bone eight step, step Cn meticulous. Feng Jing Ding hoof with a fragrant and delicious to eat cold food for thought, eat hot crisp but not bad, but not greasy oil unique flavor.

Ji Pin Court

Two years after its establishment, it has won two Michelin stars. Located in "Boheng 55", jipinxuan stands out in Shanghai, where there are many boutique restaurants. This new member of lolaishado, located in the former French concession, can be regarded as the leader of Shanghai Cantonese restaurants.

Dexing Restaurant

Founded in 1883, the old "Dexing Museum" was officially renamed, called "Dexing restaurant" was. Dexing Museum Chong Qing Guangxu nine years (1883), is the birthplace of Shanghai local cuisine. With "Ganso this help" and "eat local cuisine, choice Dexing Museum" in the world. Dexing Museum management for the general public, reasonably priced, and always adhere to the unique authentic flavor of this help, and innovation in the traditional basis, we developed a number of trendy signature dishes and signature snacks. Signature dishes include shrimp big black participation seeds, braised back to fish, fried shrimp, fried crab claws, slippery meat, white zenith soup, peanut butter cakes, Dexing pull cake.

Shanghai Old Restaurant

Shanghai old hotel has one hundred and forty years long history of the gold standard, to cooking Shanghai cuisine is famous, is the birthplace of China Shanghai cuisine. Choice of materials known for fine materials, pure flavor, operating stress, known for exquisite service, has developed a unique style of local cuisine in Shanghai Chinese people and the world's mind, has an irreplaceable status and weight, it can be said the old hotel brand to some extent, are the coordinates of Shanghai food culture, but also a treasure of the Chinese traditional culture.

Stone Sal

[stone Sal Yanyan western restaurant] the new landmark of modu steak. The restaurant is located at No. 9, Donghu road. The store is very low-key and hidden. After searching for the house number for a long time, it turns out that the entrance is close to Peet"s coffee. When you step up the stairs to the second floor, you will feel suddenly enlightened. It is said that [stone Sal] is the first restaurant in the country to be certified by the American Meat Export Association. The interior is mainly decorated with dark American style retro style, with bar area, dining area and semi open kitchen.


Yongfu has broken the stereotype of "Ningbo small seafood" in the world, and has "completely changed" the image of Ningbo cuisine with exquisite and delicate cooking techniques. It has not only won the favor of many diners, but also won the favor of many awards.

Jiaquan Qifu Restaurant

The predecessor of Jiaquan Qifu restaurant is the famous "Fulinmen". The restaurant is designed in favor of traditional high-end Cantonese restaurants, with gold as the main theme and dark color ornaments interspersed with beige soft clothes. The overall atmosphere is simple and atmospheric, luxurious but not luxurious. The restaurant pays attention to the selection of food materials, delicacies from all over the world, and seasonal food materials are strictly selected. For example, Qifu"s Dried abalones are all selected by Mr. Xu Weijun, the son of the founder of Mr. Xu Fuquan, who has more than 50 years of experience, and only the dried abalone produced in Aomori Prefecture of Japan is selected. The dried abalone produced here is uniform in size, thick in flesh, clean in surface and hard in body, which is the best among abalones. Similarly, the glue is also selected by Mr. Xu Weijun himself to ensure high quality.

A gathering of the best

Michelin star for two consecutive years, Black Pearl three diamonds for three years. As the most famous Chaozhou restaurant in Shanghai, jingxihui (Hongqiao store) is full of delicacy and considerate service that a high-class restaurant should have. The restaurant is located in a villa in Hongqiao, with 5 private rooms in total. Catering system, can also be adjusted according to the needs of guests, quite a bit of private dishes.

Guangming Village Hotel

Huaihai Road "old." "Mid-Autumn Festival moon cake buy meat, buy the Ching Ming Festival Youth League, normally buy cooked food" ...... Anyway "throughout the year" to "not broken" go there, it is no wonder the shop front row is always a "long queue." Upstairs you can also eat snacks and cooking, seasoning sauce ravioli, crab dumplings taste "good." Although the price "a little delicate," but who let the whole family "like" it. Foreign selling in front of the window is scary, the team is scheduled to be crowded, it was sold lo and sell cakes, duck, eggs, butter, goose sauce, sweet and sour short ribs, honey fish sticks, as long as the taste can think of Shanghai have here.

Bao Li Xuan

Located on the third floor of the historical building Shanghai General Chamber of Commerce, baolixuan is named after the brand name of baogeli, implying that it is rich in natural resources, beautiful and magnificent. The restaurant is characterized by exquisite Cantonese cuisine, which is carefully prepared by Mr. Fu Wenbiao, a famous Chinese chef in Hong Kong. He has created and developed a technique integrating the contemporary and traditional Cantonese cuisine concepts. The dishes are set with contemporary elements to preserve the traditional flavor and add a simple and elegant style. The restaurant in Macao, which he had been in charge of, had won a Michelin star.

Xing Hua Lou

Speaking of "Xing Hua Lou," the origins of its name, but also have a say. House just opened the third overall business is good, is not known. One secondary schools of Jun Su (Su Baohua), he is the store's old customers, there is an old friend of the hotel operators. This suggested to the manager: After expansion, business is good, also should play a nickname. Hearing boss exact mind, then please Su Jun comments. The Tang Dynasty poet Du Mu Su then to the "Tomb Sweeping Festival rain have, pedestrians Deep Sorrow side of the road. I ask where the good restaurants, cowboy Yao Zhi Heng Fa Chuen." It is recommended that access to "apricot", listen to the boss after very happy that this name both elegant and loud, so it will be "third overall floor" to "Xing Hua Lou."


Lu people are hospitable and eat fresh food. "Lu Cai seafood" is originated from Shandong cuisine. It combines the essence of Shandong cuisine with the oriental aesthetics, integrates the essence of Shandong cuisine with oriental aesthetics, and integrates the innovation and beauty of cuisine, service and environment into a new style of Shandong cuisine. It has won many awards and has become a proud brand of Shandong cuisine among high-end consumers.

Royal assembly

Huangchao group has entered its 25th year. The first Queensway (Queen"s Road) in London in 1990 opened the "royal dynasty". After years of continuous efforts, its brands are all over the world: London, Singapore, Dubai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Malaysia, Shanghai, Suzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Wuhan, with more than 40 branch restaurants. The catering and entertainment brands include the king of karaoke, the royal court, Jingui emperor, Wenxing restaurant, Longji Hong Kong Tea Restaurant, Noodle House samurai, wasabi delicacies, etc. The emperor will come all the way from London, but the products are all classic. Ginger, scallion, Scottish lobster, abalone sauce, abalone Emperor... Standing on the Bund, the emperor will rely on real kung fu.

faigo hot pot

faigo hot pot ensures the kitchen team adhere to its product philosophy such as offering only live and fresh seafood available in the market daily. in terms of beef and lamb, only the premium cuts are served and last but not least, ensuring all hot pot soup base are consistently derived according to its standard recipes daily. its menu also offer all it takes to make a sumptuous hot pot dining experience.

Moose in Luyuan

Moose restaurant in Luyuan, traditional roast duck and local Zhejiang cuisine. Mediterranean decoration style, together with antler lamp decoration of elk in America, European oil painting and sculpture in 17th-18th century. The newly opened Luyuan is located at No.1, Lane 119, Xinhua Road, Changning District, Shanghai, known as the first garden road in Shanghai. This road, hidden in the shade of the dense Indus trees, is quiet and expensive, famous for its low-key elegance. The parasol trees on both sides of the road silently guarded the tranquility of a street.

Chenglongxing crab Palace

Founded in Hong Kong in the 1950s, chenglongxing has established a hairy crab breeding base of more than 50000 mu in Jiangsu"s natural lakes. It has received visits and interviews from domestic and foreign media, and has become a model base for exporting hairy crabs. Chenglongxing hairy crabs are strong and plump, with bright and fresh appearance, fresh and sweet meat, elastic, yellow and thick paste. The quality of hairy crabs is guaranteed, and the crab feast dishes can be brought into full play. The four signboards of the whole crab banquet "Pinliu powder paste" make the crab culture as heavy as a house, and the table top is covered with gold, which makes people sigh! In addition, baked crab, drunken crab, crab meat and shark"s fin, butter, crab meat small cage, are also highly praised by diners.


At that time, the "big V" of Shanghai beach: Zhou Xinfang, Gai jiaotian, Zhao Dan and other celebrities came here to eat supper, so it was eaten as a "net red shop" of 1950 s". Over the next 70 years, almost all the people in Shanghai came to line up to eat xiaoshaoxing"s chopped chicken. Over the next 70 years, almost all the people in Shanghai came to line up to eat xiaoshaoxing"s chopped chicken. Now, what xiaoshaoxing wants to keep is not only the old shop, but also the taste that diners come from afar and never forget.

Happiness and wisdom

Fu and Hui have not only become the most popular vegetarian restaurant in China, but also become well-known in the world. Asia"s top 50 No. 29, Michelin star, Black Pearl three diamond The numerous honors did not make the restaurant unwilling to make progress. On the contrary, Fuhe Hui was still making innovations and improvements. The seasonal menu of each quarter made many people become the regular followers of Fuhe Hui. And its classic menu is still refining after years of polishing.

Imperial Treasure Fine Chinse Cuisine

Yu Bao Xuan high-end Cantonese cuisine from Singapore, has a very high reputation overseas. Yu Bao Xuan Jane dishes of food produced emphasis on choice, whether it is fresh degree, or the weight of raw material requirements, there are stringent selection standard Huai. Yu Bao Xuan dishes for the presentation of the same excellence, made from exquisite variety of steps to fine Daogong, just to have food every color, flavor and taste.

Yongfu Club

Yongfu club is located in the quiet Yongfu Road. Its founding idea stems from Wang Xingzheng"s preference for Chinese traditional culture. The modern and elegant circulation of old Shanghai, the different styles of eastern and Western gardens, and the dialogue between nature and art are everywhere. Nearly a thousand pieces of collections across the ages complement each other, and can be called a small art museum combining Chinese and Western culture.


In Shanghai, it can be said that the fresh spareribs rice cake is well known to all. The fresh spareribs rice cake is white, delicate, economical, fat but not greasy. It not only retains the original freshness of the meat, but also maintains a certain nutritional value. It has become a special snack in Shanghai.

Classic Steakhouse

Ruskui classic Steakhouse is the largest Steakhouse company in the world. It was founded by Ruth FERTEL in New Orleans, Louisiana in 1965. It has more than 150 restaurants around the world. Since its entry into China"s mainland market in 2009, Ru has opened its branches in Shanghai, Chengdu and Chongqing, and has won 2019 black pearls and one diamond glory.

Dexing Noodle House

Dexing Noodle House was founded in 1878 (Qing dynasty four years), so far, 135 years of history, is truly a hundred years old. This is the ordinary people have to eat the face, smooth with toppings, hoof stew every day, and explosive burst eel fish, actually secure in the old signs hanging over dynasties, the branches all over Shanghai, Guangdong Road, the old numbers have never been moved, full day.

Xiyue No.8

Under the leadership of Mr. Lin, who has rich experience in restaurant operation for many years, the goal of this shop is very clear: let diners taste high-quality Guangdong snacks and small dishes at the price of ordinary people. The chef has more than 50 years of experience. There is no expensive abalone and ginseng wing tripe in the menu. The dishes are simple and refined, and there are also one-man set meals. The largest table in the main dining room has only four seats, because the owner wants every guest to enjoy it.


Jingcaixuan Henglong store is characterized by classic Cantonese cuisine. Jingcaixuan suckling pig, honey barbecued pork, shark"s fin, imperial crab and lobster are of first-class quality. It has an internal spiral staircase connecting the four or five floors of the shopping mall. The box and the hall are divided into two entrances. The environment is quiet and elegant. It is an excellent place for important guests to feast.

Bund Club

The Bund, which is part of Asia chic group, will officially open before 2018 and will be located on the sixth floor of Bund 5. The main products are Jiangxian and a small number of seafood. Most of them are high-grade goods delivered directly from Jiangyin on the same day, and most of them are wild varieties. Because the source of this kind of food relying on nature is not stable, when it is out of stock, it will be supplemented by a small number of seafood from the coastal areas of Fujian Province. There are not only wild sea flower shrimp, but also Taishan Yan crab, giant sea ghost shrimp and red and yellow rose.

Xinrongji (Nanyang Road)

In March 2010, Xinrongji opened Nanyang Road in Shanghai. Located at 170 Nanyang Road, Jing"an District, Shanghai, it is a high-end private club. The hotel was built in 1934. It was the residence of the famous financier Mr. Bei Zuyi. The overall style of Shanghai Xinrongji is mainly based on the nostalgic tone of old Shanghai of the Republic of China, showing the luxury and dignity of the upper class society of old Shanghai. Here, the life of the city should be colorful. The bustling traffic, the bright night scene, and the large terrace will capture all these sceneries vividly and vividly. At night, guests and waiters shuttle in the hall, windows and windows are bustling. Taste night Shanghai, from the tip of the tongue.

Jiangsu Zhejiang Federation

Located on the 4th floor of IFC Guojin Center Shopping Center, Shanghai"s new landmark, the dining environment of "Suzhou Zhejiang Association" pursues the integration of Chinese classical palace elements and modern aesthetics. It has more than ten independent and elegant VIP boxes named after tiangan dizhi, advocating the privacy of dining space and restoring the Chinese style dining culture of "nourishing taste by environment". Catering service focuses on the personalized and exclusive needs of guests, providing all-round dining services and live cooking performances of some Kung Fu dishes.

Xinrongji (Nanjing West Road)

Nanjing West Road store is located at 688 Nanjing West Road, Jing"an District, Shanghai. It is adjacent to Shanghai radio and television building, Shanghai Grand Theater, people"s Square, Yanzhong green space Park and other landmark places. The kitchen of Nanjing West Road shop is equipped with noodle stalls, gel pot stalls, etc., so that guests can see the restaurant"s production characteristics more intuitively. At the same time, more Taizhou elements will be integrated into the kitchen to make the regional characteristics of the restaurant more obvious. Nanjing West Road shop covers an area of more than 3000 square meters. Each box can enjoy the prosperous scenery around Nanjing West Road. The combination of "Oriental charm" and "western color" can create a dining atmosphere with both new glory features and guest identity orientation.

The Pine

The pine pine Creek is hidden in Ruijin Hotel, which has a history of 100 years. The water landscape garden like ink painting, and the waterside terrace with picturesque scenery make it a popular card punching place in the city! The pine has been accompanying diners for two years since it opened in 2018 and won the Michelin plate award in half a year to receive the reputation of Black Pearl Diamond Restaurant in early 2020. Just in time for the second anniversary of the opening of the restaurant, the pine released its new official Chinese Name: Songjian.

Maison Lameloise

From the town of chani in Burgundy to the cloud of Mordor, Maison lameloise"s Michelin myth continues. Only two months after opening, he won the 2019 Michelin Shanghai dinner plate award, and after a year, he entered the list with a star posture.

Taian Table

Taianmen is a private dinner club with unique delicacies. When enjoying the dinner, you will feel like having a private party at a friend"s house (if it happens that your friend happens to be a good chef), all of you will sit around the kitchen counter and talk freely. And the kitchen of taianmen restaurant is completely open, you can also interact with the chefs. The restaurant can accommodate up to 20 diners. There are also two 4-seat dining tables and a private compartment for 12 diners.

Shanghai International Hotel

Since its opening in 1934, Shanghai International Hotel, located in the "Shanghai origin", has been the focus of the city. As the record of the tallest building in Shanghai for half a century, the international hotel has become a classic and international hotel. With its history and elegant demeanor, as well as its proximity to the important business districts and tourist attractions in the city, no one in Shanghai can look forward to it. ——The pride of Shanghai for more than half a century. Today, the intersection of modern times has added a new highlight to the history of her origin - "Shanghai earth origin". Tell people about the glory of the past, the elegant demeanor of today and the bright future of the international hotel.

Hefeng building

Delicacy delicacy building is located in the shopping mall central plaza of Shanghai Yu Garden. With its long history, innovative taste and diversity of snacks, it has gathered more than 800 kinds of special snacks around the world. It is known as the kingdom of Shanghai"s old town god temple, and becomes a place of Chinese food with a combination of tradition and fashion.

Songyue tower in spring

Old Shanghainese are familiar with the spring breeze and the moon tower. Located in Town God"s Temple, adjacent to the Xiang Xiang Pavilion, the spring breeze song Yue Lou can be regarded as one of the oldest vegetable dish in Shanghai. Since it was founded in 1910, Chunfeng Songyue building has been exploring and innovating constantly. With its exquisite ingredients, it has launched the production of pictographic meat imitative dishes, so as to achieve the degree of "plain dishes and meat names, lifelike shapes, lifelike, fake without authenticity". The local time-honored brand of the pure vegetable dish, which has been established in Yu Garden, is rooted in Yu Garden and is growing in the Yu Garden with the thick sea flavor and hometown feeling.


Jielu is in the human environment, and the delicious food is in the "food house". Shilu combines its traditional essence with the classic cuisines of Huaiyang cuisine, and improves it. Through a new cooking method, it presents its own dishes, which combines the tradition and the urban trend. Zhu Jun, the master of Huaiyang aristocratic family, was originally intended to let all people who like to taste taste it at a real price.

ULTRAVIOLET by Paul Pairet

Want to try the mysterious dining experience? You have to book your seat on the official website in advance and don"t mind sitting around a table with people you don"t know. On the booking date and the appointed place, the business bus will deliver you and a group of diners to the mysterious place. 22 dishes with innovative flavor, outstanding wine, specially designed lighting effect images and music will leave you an unforgettable memory.

The harmony of the heart

Jixinhe is a high-end Japanese Restaurant hidden in the market. It"s hard to find the name and the name of the restaurant. Wang Sicong is a loyal fan here. The use of large area of wood materials makes the overall environment of the restaurant elegant and monotonous, which is a quiet place to taste food. The restaurant adopts omakase form, and the menu of the day is decided by the materials delivered on the same day. One of the biggest selling points in the store is the steady supply of rare ingredients, such as the auction grade purple sea urchin loved by the God of sushi, the cold lion fish produced in Fushan County, Japan, 5A grade and cattle. All of these are good goods that can be captured by the greedy eaters.

Anhui banquet

Wanyan is opened in Longbai hotel. Eight buildings are now Wanyan restaurant.

Shen Dacheng

People like to give it as a gift on New Year"s day, especially the Youth League of his family, which is the memory of a generation of Shanghai people.

Qiaojiazha Restaurant

"Qiaojiacha", a century old shop and a Chinese time-honored brand, is located at the intersection of Yongjia, Xiangyang South Road. As a local hundred year old brand, "Qiao Jiacha" manages Shanghai"s local cuisines and snacks. Nowadays, the hot products such as bamboo shoots and Green League are often in short supply in the main stores. As the head office, Qiao Jiacha restaurant not only has long been praised and recognized by the residents in the surrounding communities, but also many celebrities like to patronize it, such as Song Qingling, Mei Lanfang, Xu Zhimo and Yu Zhen Fei and others have been to qiaojiazha, and Zhou Xinfang even wrote an inscription for qiaojiazha: "taste spreads to the South".


The first floor of solo is the bar. Every night, the guests sit at the open bar to have a drink and watch the night scene of people coming and going outside Hengshan Road. The restaurant is hidden on the second and third floors. The restaurant is not big and has few locations. On the second floor, there are basically small positions for 2-4 people. There are also two very unique small balcony seats. On the third floor, there are large tables and private rooms, which can be used to make rooms.

Shanghai fascination

Shanghai is located on the 6th floor of jumeiya Himalaya hotel. You can see a whole wall painting of Magnolia with blue background as soon as you enter the door. The most important works of Lin Dongxiao"s "three modern masters" and "the most important works of Lin Dongsheng"s" the most important works of Lin Dongxiao"s "three modern masters". For four years in a row, Michelin Guide won a star honor.

New Zhenjiang Restaurant

The new Zhenjiang restaurant has been stationed in Nanjing West Road for more than 60 years, witnessing the rise of the most prosperous section of Mordo. As an old Mordo restaurant, many dishes in the shop are deeply loved by Shanghai people. Whether it"s Babao duck, swordfish banquet, crab meal banquet, and yellow croaker banquet, the new Zhenjiang restaurant inherits the classics, while constantly innovating and bursting out new vitality.

Shanghai Hongqiao Hotel

Located at the junction of Shanghai Hongqiao Development Zone and Gubei New District, it has several complete lawns with different styles. The largest lawn can accommodate nearly 800 people, which is an ideal venue for lawn wedding and outdoor large-scale activities. The hotel has 215 guest rooms, more than 40 villas of British, American, Japanese and Canadian styles, 5 restaurants and bars with different flavors, and 12 extraordinary multi functions The energy hall and banquet hall are suitable for meetings and banquets of 15 to 250 people. The international standard facilities in the hotel should be complete. Whether it is business travel, leisure vacation, grand celebrations, company banquets, private drinks, happy weddings, home health, Hongqiao guest house is your best choice.

Canton Disco

Cantonese cuisine pays tribute to the glamour and hedonism of the legendary nightclub of the same name in Hong Kong in the way of telling local stories and ideas. With its own innovative and modern genes, Cantonese cuisine is also very interesting. The waiter pushes the dining car to shuttle between the dining tables and presents guests with a variety of classic cooking flavors, such as Iberico pig char siu, roast goose with Cantonese flavor, and soy chicken with cedars, maple leaf syrup and condensed milk to bring unexpected surprise. In addition, there are also healthy vegetable dishes such as fried Asparagus, crab roe and double vegetables, as well as delicious pasta with sesame sauce and crispy bread grains.

L'ATELIER de Joël Robuchon

Located in the historic building on the Bund, Joel lubson is the brand"s 12th store in the world. The decor is the same as that of its sister store. It"s very fashionable. Of course, the best location is the counter seat around the open kitchen. The classic French cuisine is permeated with a little modern flavor, and the exquisite cuisine has sublimated the dining level to the artistic experience of taste. Order a cocktail before dinner and enjoy the Bund scenery. Shanghai"s Joel lubson gourmet restaurant opened in 2016 and was awarded the Michelin 2 star restaurant a few months later. It has been the most stable and uncontroversial Michelin 2-star restaurant in Shanghai!

Oriental House

Oriental house, located on the second floor of a small shop on Anfu Road, is a creative dish in Taizhou. It takes the route of Chinese food and Western food. It has fresh materials, exquisite dishes and attractive price. Born in the south of China, Hua Zai, the chef of Imperial Hotel in Tokyo, served as the head chef of Japanese cuisine for eight years, and also worked in 8 1 / 2 Otto e mezzo in Michelin restaurant. His rich experience makes the restaurant produce a high degree of integration of Chinese and Western food.


The restaurants in the hotel have also created a colorful gluttonous experience for guests. Yongyiting, a Michelin Chinese restaurant led by local chef Lu Yiming, focuses on Shanghai style cuisine and presents Shanghai cuisine to guests. Yongyiting is unique in the local catering industry, presenting the orthodox Jiangnan cuisine for guests. Shanghai, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are known as the hometown of Jiangnan cuisine, while Jiangnan cuisine is famous for its exquisite seasonal dishes. Lu Yiming, a famous local chef, serves as the chef"s consultant. He uses fresh ingredients in season and injects modern flavor into the dishes with unique cooking techniques, making the gourmet diners intoxicated with the delicacies of Jiangnan.

In the hall

With the hall, located in Shanghai Yongshe Apartment Hotel, she implies casual, free, happy. The design of the restaurant is simple and not simple. It is introverted in high-profile and has connotation in low-key. It presents Shanghai traditional Lane style in its unique way, creating a leisurely, comfortable and private space for guests to enjoy the pleasure of dining.

Morton’s Steakhouse

Moreton Steakhouse currently has 63 outlets in the United States, with another 8 in Mexico City, Toronto, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Beijing and Shanghai.

Nanxiang steamed bread shop

Nanxiang steamed buns steamed buns shop on the nine curved bridge of Yu Garden. In the twenty-six year of Guangxu (AD 1900), Wu Xiangsheng, a Nanxiang Town in Jiading County, opened a dim sum shop in Changxin. The shop was originally called the Changxin building, later changed to Nanxiang steamed bread shop. The main Nanxiang xiaomun steamed buns had a thin and stuffed filling feature, and they were well known throughout the country in the two and 30s of last century. 365 days a year, there are always a queue waiting for its coming out. The delicacy of Nanxiang Xiaolong has been popular among the world. Now, chain stores have been successfully developed abroad, and have successively settled in countries such as Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hongkong and so on. The number of overseas branches has reached 15, becoming the ambassador of Yu Garden cuisine and spreading the Chinese food culture.


Shiguang western restaurant has been rated as the Black Pearl Restaurant of public comments for two consecutive years and Michelin plate Award for three consecutive years. "Scarpetta, a simple and romantic restaurant located on Mengzi Road, offers authentic and warm Italian dishes, so you can"t wait to book the nearest flight and fly there." The cultural meaning of the restaurant name Scarpetta is: at home, after eating the sauce left over from the spaghetti, because it is so delicious, eat the sauce on the plate with bread.

Da Vittorio

Da Vittorio Shanghai, the first restaurant operated by the cerea family outside Europe, has officially entered the Michelin Guide Shanghai 2020 since its opening only three months ago. DA VITTORIO was founded in 1966 by the Vittorio and Bruna Cerea couples in Bergamo, Italy Province, Brusaporto (less than 50 kilometers away from Milan). The restaurants in 1978 and 1996 successively obtained the certification of Michelin one star and two stars, and since 2010, they have reelected Michelin 3-star list.

The Restaurant by Niko Romito

Niko romito, a famous chef from Abruzzi, Italy, presents IL Ristorante"s special Italian dishes. Mr. Romito has designed a new delicacy concept for Bvlgari hotels and resorts. This concept follows the philosophy of cuisine that its restaurant insists on: a combination of basic simplicity, persistent pursuit of ingredients and essence, and personal creativity and inspiration.


PH É Nix eatery & bar, located on the second floor of Puli Hotel, has a pleasant view of Jing"an park. The restaurant was officially opened in March 2016 and won the first Michelin Star Award in the 2017 Shanghai Michelin Guide. Feinisi"s style is modern and elegant. The restaurant adheres to the concept of "material" to manage life, and takes rich and high-quality natural food as the inspiration source. It presents the essence of French cuisine, returns to the origin of food materials and shows the essence of life.

central hotel

The Shanghai restaurant is full of rich Chinese classical style. The Chinese cuisine featuring crab cuisine, Huaiyang cuisine and Shanghai style cuisine of our own will surely make every guest linger. Wangbaohe 1744 restaurant on the third floor has 16 private rooms of different sizes and exquisite decoration, and is equipped with independent toilet, which can meet the demand of high-grade banquet for 5-20 people. Here, guests can enjoy the "wangbaohe" series of signature crab dishes made with fresh crab ingredients in a unique way throughout the year. They can also savor the delicate Huaiyang cuisine and Shanghai style dishes cooked by the famous chef of the hotel.

Southern foothill, Zhejiang

Nanlu · Zheli is a representative of Shanghai hangbang cuisine. Mr. Sun, the founder of Nanlu · Zheli, has been deeply influenced since childhood. He still remembers the "good woman" in her family. She is from Hangzhou, but because her ancestral home is Shaoxing, she will blend some local ingredients into her cooking, and finally she can always make exquisite and homely dishes.

Kurogi kokgi

People who enjoy the same material as the material of the taste and taste buds, taste and taste, and the taste of the taste of the taste of the taste is not the same as that of the ordinary, and it is an important social exchange point, and "kugari" is an important social interlude, "the rice forest is the South". "Kirigi" (literally, "tree of trees") is the name of the city of Tokyo, which is the highest price in Tokyo, and it is possible to do it for the first time in the year.

Napa Western Restaurant

Napa is a western restaurant which has been operating for 12 years. When it comes to the strong wine list, it is one of the best. From the beginning of Jiangyin road to now the Bund No.22, large French windows are facing the Bund at night, and the dining experience is very wonderful. Francesco, a Chilean chef who specializes in wine pairing and once worked in a famous Spanish molecular restaurant, integrates his understanding of Chinese and Western food into his dishes, which is full of surprise and creativity.

Fu 1088

Fu 1088 is a very authentic Shanghai cuisine, and "Fu 1015", "Fu 1039" and "Fu He Hui" are Fu restaurants owned by famous chef Lu Yiming. Fu 1088 is in a small foreign-style building. It is said that it is the residence of Li Hongzhang"s youngest son. There are people playing piano in the hall, which is a very fashionable Shanghai food.


Peninsula Hotel Shanghai adheres to the international food tradition of peninsula hotel group, and its unique restaurants and bars have also become a hot food spot in the city. The design and decoration of Yilong Pavilion, a Chinese restaurant in the hotel, is based on the residence of merchants in the 1920s and 1930s. It exudes a strong artistic charm and reproduces the charming style of "Oriental Paris".

Western style hotpot

The representative of Shanghai Light luxury hotpot is definitely unable to bypass the western style hotpot. It is hidden in an old Shikumen house with elegant decoration and black-and-white photos hanging on the walls of the corridor. It is not like a hotpot shop at all. Instead, they know each other and enter the "guest room" of the rich families in old Shanghai. The design of Chinese and Western style, luxurious and elegant, looks like the living room of a big family in old Shanghai. Givenchy"s knives and forks, African ebony chopsticks, German Schott Zwiesel wine glasses and Italian ruffoni pots all reflect the quality of details. Black yak and beef are dishes that are ordered at every table, and each piece of beef is melted by the temperature of the palm. Tender and juicy, the color is right, rinse 7-8 seconds can be imported. Each table is equipped with a pair of services, and the style of dining here is not inferior to that of high-grade Western food.


Shizuka fish is located in shijihui square, which adds vitality to the lack of high-grade Japanese food in Pudong. The decoration of the restaurant seems simple, but it is permeated with elegant atmosphere everywhere. The gentle lighting and plain tone are high-profile instant feeling, which makes diners feel relaxed and comfortable here. Shizuka"s most brilliant place is sushi. Master Huang, the chef, was born in a professional background, so the sushi made by Shizuka is very "pure", which makes the diner feel ritual in the elegant rhythm. It is rare to have such a Japanese food shop in the increasingly impetuous magic capital food circle.

Spring dawn on the Pujiang River

In addition, the characteristic wild Yangtze River fish, wild river shrimp, braised wild catfish, clam, etc. are all high click rate jiangxianzhen flavor. Jiangxian, which uses "fresh" ingredients to cook "delicious" food for diners, is what the restaurant boasts.


Frasca is a new delicacy in Shanghai Yongshe apartment hotel. The restaurant has four areas: bar, public dining area, glass room and outdoor garden. The bright and open layout, playful Italian carbine cavalry posters, hand-painted pots and other special devices create a leisure atmosphere with Italian characteristics, and the guests can enjoy themselves in it. Frasca draws on the essence of Italian cuisine and can be seen from the signature dish pinsa: the whole process is made in the traditional way of Rome. The raw material is selected from the nutritious organic flour of Italy. It is kneaded by hand, mixed with traditional meat and baked with charcoal. It is healthier than pizza.

Nanjing Road

Zou opened on the second floor of the Shanghai mall podium. It"s very unattractive. It"s really hard to find someone who is not a regular customer. There is only a 6-seat bar in the store, plus a small box, which can only be eaten through the store"s wechat reservation in advance. The boss is two brothers. The chef was born in 91, and the other is his brother in 1993. They have studied in Sugita and mizai, the first-line stores in Japan. They are young and promising. Also because of their youth, the brothers are very willing to innovate in cooking styles. The menu in the shop is different every day. Many regular customers go to the restaurant many times and expect them to make some new designs with similar ingredients. The secret of the customers" success is that the chef hides his ever-changing creativity and mind under the rigorous logical framework of collocation!


The interior of the restaurant is decorated with resplendent splendor. Under the sunshine, it looks luxurious and retro, and the charming scenery outside the window complements each other.

Sir Elly

Since its opening in 2009, Shanghai Peninsula has been famous for its high-end service and exquisite cuisine. Sir Eli is located on the top floor of the hotel with one of the best views of the Bund. The decoration style of Sir Elly is consistent with the overall style of peninsula hotel in Shanghai, taking the route of luxury and elegance. At the same time, it integrates a lot of modern elements, as well as some traditional Chinese style, plus bright flowers embellishment, comfort is quite bright. Its upstairs is the exclusive terrace, open at dinner time. There are six private boxes, all facing the Huangpu River.


Jhouse yellow croaker restaurant (Bund shop) is located on the 4th floor of No. 5 Bund, just as its name is! With "yellow croaker" as its feature, the main dish is the local cuisine. Mr. Ji, the founder of yellow croaker restaurant justice, knows the secret of seafood flavor: the original flavor is delicious. Chinese traditional diet philosophy emphasizes "no food from time to time, no fresh food". According to the season and season, the yellow croaker house delivers the seafood directly to Shanghai every day. It is especially good at cooking wild Pseudosciaena crocea and preserving the delicious taste of yellow croaker. It is welcomed by diners and gourmets.

Jiyue hot pot

The decoration of Jiyue hotpot has a Japanese style. When you go into the restaurant, you can see it. From the cooking of the bottom of the pot to the cutting and matching of the ingredients, they are all carefully operated. The seafood is fresh and delicious. The sign is the Alaska king crab. The meat is firm and delicious. Gillardeau"s top oysters, which are airlifted from France twice a week, are known as "Rolls Royce of oysters" - French century old family Gillardeau oysters. It is said that every Gillardeau oyster has to go through at least four years, 59 breeding and refining processes before it can be put on the market.

Bistro 321 villa Le Bec

Bistro 321 villa Le BEC, a famous new French restaurant in Shanghai, is located on Xinhua Road, where there are lots of old houses. The restaurant specializes in classic French food. Nicolas Le BEC, the star chef, brings the authentic French production techniques and techniques to Shanghai, including famous dishes such as black truffle pasta, French pie and Spanish ham, as well as various French desserts, thousand layer pastry made every day and rum Baba made from rum cake, which are romantic and unforgettable with the retro atmosphere of the old house.

He Tailang in Shanghai

Shiotaro, a sushi restaurant from Michelin one star restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan, is a high-end sushi restaurant focusing on Japanese traditional sushi, providing traditional Japanese food, meticulous service and public praise for the vast number of Chinese and foreign gourmet and Japanese food lovers. Located in Jianye of Shanghai"s old Shikumen, Shanghai"s tatauro Fu is a double story building on the street, which looks classical in appearance but warm and comfortable in the interior.


The peacock room (TPR, Chinese name "peacock room") is the name of the restaurant. Therefore, the famous American impressionist painter James Whistler"s important interior work "the peacock room", which is considered to be a classic work of the West in the late 19th century. The restaurant is located on the third floor of Xingye Taigu Huinan square. Take the direct elevator, open the door to the right, step into the dark corridor, you can see the golden hollow reception at the end, give the coat to the beautiful waiter, turn around, you can see the Crystal Peacock in the spotlight. The restaurant mainly focuses on Sichuan and Guangdong cuisine. Sichuan cuisine focuses on seasoning, while Cantonese cuisine emphasizes the original flavor. Taking the advantages of the two, namely, using the best ingredients and complicated seasoning, the restaurant starts a new journey of Sichuan cuisine.

Bistro Sola.

Bistro sola is a humble Italian restaurant on Jiashan Road, which also offers a simple meal set meal of less than 100 yuan at noon. However, the chef of such a modest and simple restaurant is a Japanese chef who once worked in kamimura, a Michelin one star restaurant in Hokkaido. The hidden "Chef"s customized menu" of Bistro sola integrates French and Italian techniques with Japanese food thinking and local ingredients, making it a unique "new Japanese Western food" that can only be eaten in Shanghai.

OPPOSITE by Jenson & Hu

Set in a beautiful, two-storey villa in the Former French Concession, OPPOSITE makes for a charming date spot. Executive Chef Jenson experiments with different ingredients to create a menu of playful takes on modern, Western cuisine – with a few Eastern touches and techniques thrown in. While Allen Hsu, the man behind the bar at the chic cocktail lounge on the first floor, shakes up some creative libations.

Maggie 5

Located in the quiet and elegant western suburb villa area, Xijiao No.5 has always been famous for its high-end mystery in Shanghai catering industry. Entering the restaurant, it is like entering an art museum. Every corner exudes the master"s artistic taste. The 11 private rooms present different decorative styles according to different themes and stories. Small objects such as wine cups and tea cups are also exquisite embodiment! The restaurant mainly focuses on Chinese food and Western food. The dishes are full of color, flavor and flavor. Each private room is decorated according to different themes, showing originality and unique style.

Winner's stone counter

Le comptoir de Pierre Gagnaire is a French restaurant opened in the hotel Gabriel, Jianye, Shanghai. The restaurant belongs to the group of Pierre Gagnaire, the most famous chef in France. Pierre has so far accumulated fourteen Michelin stars in the world, the flagship store is the same name Michelin 3-star restaurant in Balzac Hotel in Paris, and Le Comptoir is the first store in mainland China.

Da Ivo

Shanghai Da Ivo magic mirror Italian restaurant is located in the first bend of Shanghai near Pujiang River, on the top floor of Oriental Business Hotel. The magic mirror of Da Ivo, with its magnificent scenery of the Bund and the amazing dishes, has always been the first choice for the Mordor gourmands to have a feast on festivals.