ningxia snacks

Artemisia noodles

Artemisia scoparia is a folk snack of Zhongning County in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, which has been circulating for more than 360 years. Artemisia sinensis is refreshing and delicious, with a long aftertaste. It has the effect of strengthening stomach and clearing heat. The production process is unique, and the materials used are exquisite. It also contains the meaning of “sending love and thinking” and “blessing and well-being”. According to the tradition, at the beginning of the seventh day of the Lunar New Year, every family eats artemisia noodles, and the name is “Luo Soul”; the newlyweds get married the next day, they want to eat artemisia noodles, the name is “festival noodles”; for children to live full moon and 100 days, Eat artemisia noodles, the name "Geely noodles."

Roast Steamed bun

The roast simmer is a circle of crispy vanilla baked in a circle. It is made from a kind of coumarin powder that is unique to the northwest. It is sweet, rosey, and salty. The Hui people in Ningxia have many people who have gone to other places, so in the nearby provinces, Gansu and Qinghai, they often see this kind of roasting in Ningxia. This roast can be eaten directly or it can be opened for brewing.

Lamb minced noodles

The mutton dumpling noodles is a famous traditional pasta in Ningxia. In the streets and lanes of Yinchuan, the capital, you can see the mutton dumpling noodle restaurant. It is said to have evolved from the "longevity noodles" in the early Tang Dynasty, and has become a hospitality product for the elderly, children's birthdays and other festivals, including the meaning of "Fushou Yannian".

Lamb meat

Lamb meat is made from sheep that are in the same year or sheep within the age of one. After slaughtering the lamb, go to the skin and internal organs, wash it, put it in a large pot, and put onion, pepper and other condiments.nThe practice is mainly based on stir-fried, steamed, and scutellaria. Popular in the Huizhou inhabited areas of Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang, they are all characteristic halal foods.nLamb meat is popular in the Hui nationality districts of Ningxia, Gansu, Qinghai and Xinjiang. It is a characteristic halal food from all over the country. Mutton "warm in the tonic, Buzhong Yiqi, appetizing Jianli, Yishenqi" is a good product to help Yuanyang, make up the blood, and benefit the strain. Eating lamb often is beneficial to improve people's physical quality and disease resistance. .

Oat Noodles

Swallow-faced glutinous rice is a folk snack in Ningxia. The noodles are soba noodles (the Guyuan people used to call buckwheat as oats). After the buckwheat is boiled with water, it is fried in the pan until it matures, then ground into fine powder. When you eat, you can mix ingredients such as cooked leeks, cooked spinach, and garlic.

Long-lasting lamb Noodles

The mutton sirloin is made from fine flour and a selection of mutton mutton shoots. The noodles are hand-made, you can see the clear mutton soup, bright spicy oil, the dark white garnished with dark green cilantro, fresh lamb, emerald green beans, milky white tofu. A chopstick picked up and the aroma overflowed. The noodles are fresh, the color is fragrant, the noodle entrance is smooth, elastic, chewy, and the large chunks of lamb in the bowl are both real and delicious.

Mutton noodles

Mutton noodles is a flavored pasta popular in Ningxia. The mutton noodles are an upgraded version of the mutton noodles. The handmade noodles are very thick and very chewy, just like Xi'an. The surface is well smashed into pieces, cut into thin strips and rounded by hand, such as the thickness of Xi'an. This snack features: fresh noodles and unique flavor.

Ethnic soup bowl

Amaranth, the most familiar of the Hui people in Ningxia, the most popular dish, also known as the "soup bowl", the soup bowl often plays a leading role in the wedding and funeral events and festivals of the Hui people.

Ningxia Liangpi

Ningxia Liangpi is represented by the cool skin of Dawukou District of Shizuishan City. Due to its unique flavor, the wind is stuffed. Dawukou Liangpi uses the Yellow River water to irrigate the high-quality fine powder and the local horned pepper. It draws on the characteristics of Shaanxi Liangpi and Sichuan Liangpi. After several generations of improvement, 'Dawukou Liangpi' formed itself. In the secret of more than ten kinds of spices, the most important is the pepper, which can make the cool skin look bright and fragrant, not spicy.

Du Yousu Goose

Flock of sheep is a famous traditional snack of Wu Zhong. It is famous for its unique production and long history. Wu Zhong's flavored lamb chop back to the countryside is rich in flavor and tastes good. It was once rated as “National Famous Brand Halal Flavor Food”. Du Yousu Yangzao has a 30-year history and has been prosperous in the fierce market competition. The mixed material of the mutton is uniform, the surface of the lungs is white and smooth, the lamb belly is tender and soft, the fresh soup is spicy and the color is even, and the flavor is very popular. It is a beautiful dining landscape of Wuzhong customers.

Lao Mao hand grabbing lamb

Ningxia Green Halal Food, which is recognized by the state as “Chinese Famous Snacks”, has been used for decades. The mutton has the characteristics of fresh, tender and fragrant, and the oil is not greasy, delicious, and often eaten. Characteristics, mutton mutton, mutton sheep neck, mutton sheep soup is also beneficial to the three major tonics of physical and mental health (can improve qi, tonic and kidney, strengthen the body), so it is favored by customers. The old hand grabs the mutton and strictly selects the soil type beach sheep in the southern mountainous area of ​​Ningxia. This sheep has the advantages of fresh and tender meat, refreshing taste and unyielding due to the water and soil relationship in the salt pool and other places. The meat contains a variety of vitamins and various minerals such as calcium, phosphorus and iron.

Fuyuan Oats Noodles

The noodles, the soba noodles, are made from the mature seeds of buckwheat and ground into flour to develop the “swallow noodles”. It tastes soft and has a unique fragrance. It is an indispensable dish in the size of the restaurant in Guyuan Mountain. After visiting the Fuyuan Restaurant, visitors from the south to the north will have a taste of it. After eating it, they will be full of praise.

San Zhuzhai Cold Rice Noodles

Dawukou cool skin is a must, and some people even said on the Internet, "I have not eaten other snacks after eating the cold skin of Ningxia Dawukou." Many cities in the north have cool skin, but the Dawukou three residential cool skin in our district has a unique taste. It combines the flavoring methods of Shaanxi, Gansu and Sichuan to form a unique taste. The three-story cool skin is made by grinding the dough with coarse noodles and then boiling it on a large fire. The brewed cool skin is slightly thick and light yellow, cut on the plate, and served with authentic vinegar, soy sauce, mustard, monosodium glutamate, minced garlic and other kinds of seasonings, it will become crystal clear, exudes a spicy and spicy Good cool skin.

Ma Wenqing lamb head

Rich local flavor, rural farmhouse atmosphere, tender and mellow, tender and tender red oil, spicy and not rushing, refreshing and refreshing, the selection of lamb meat with the base, the taste is thick and fresh and pleasant. Enjoy a meal of water and soil.

Hongbao bergamot Noodles

Artemisia sinensis is a folk snack of Zhongning County, which has been circulating for hundreds of years. Artemisia noodles are unique in craftsmanship, with exquisite materials and complicated procedures, and contain cultural connotations such as “sentences and emotions” and “blessings and well-being”.


Among the Ningxia cuisines, the most representative one is the chopped lamb. The chopped haw is almost every person who wants to eat in Ningxia. There are all kinds of haggis, sprinkle with chopped green onion, and finally add a spoonful of Ningxia. The unique sheep oil chili, absolutely enjoyable, the essence of the sheep chop, in addition to the washed lamb, the most important thing is that bowl of soup! Fresh and not good, salty taste moderate, plus coriander green onion and that spoonful of sheep oil pepper, is the authentic Ningxia sheep chop. Wuzhong City is famous for its unique production and long history. Therefore, the best food in Ningxia must be Wuzhong flavored lamb.


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