sichuan snacks

Zhong dumplings

Zhong Dumpling is one of the famous traditional Han Chinese snacks in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Beginning in the 19th year of Guangxu, in the use of materials, the main difference between dumplings and northern dumplings is the use of pork stuffing, no other fresh vegetables, served with special red oil on the table, slightly sweet and salty, both spicy, flavor Unique; in terms of taste, bell dumplings have a sweet taste.

Sichuan Style Wonton

The copying was initiated in the 1940s. At that time, Zhang Guangwu and other buddies of Chunxi Road "Conghua Tea Society" discussed a joint venture to open a hand-to-hand shop. When the name of the store was taken, the "strong" character was also used, and "Longfeng Chengxiang" was also taken. The meaning of "Dragon Teng Hu Yue" was named "Dragon Hand". The main features of the dragon copying hand are: thin skin, tender stuffing, and fresh soup. The hand-skin is made of extra-grade flour with a little ingredients, which is made into a translucent shape of "thin as paper and fine as silk". The meat is tender, smooth and fragrant. The original soup of the dragon is used to make meat from several parts of chicken, duck and pig. The original soup is white, thick and fragrant.

Lai Tangyuan (Glutinous Rice Balls)

Lai Tangyuan was founded in 1894. The founder was originally from Dongfeng Town, Ziyang, Sichuan Province, and was named Lai Yuanxin. As the father died, Lai Yuanxin followed his cousin to an apprenticeship in a restaurant in Chengdu. Later he offended the boss and was dismissed. Because of the lack of life, Lai Yuanxin only asked the cousin to borrow a few oceans and took up the burden to sell the dumplings. I am a big Chengdu, selling so many dumplings, if you want to stand on your feet, you can't do anything extraordinary. Therefore, he secretly booked three rules: one is to look at the thin point; the second is to serve better; the third is the high quality. He got rid of black in the morning, the powder was finely ground, his heart was heavy and sugary, and he sold out the morning hall, rushed to the night, and worked hard. It was not until the 1930s that I bought a shop in the main street, and I took it as a store.

Dandan Noodles

The dandan began in the early years of the Republic of China and has a history of hundreds of years. The characteristic hand-made dandan is the famous Chengdu snack. Hand-made into noodles with flour, cooked, using the finest pork secrets to make Shaozi, and then made with fresh fragrant sprouts and accessories, the noodles are smooth, golden, delicious and spicy, and the sprouts are fragrant. The meat is crispy. It is widely circulated in Sichuan and is often used as a banquet snack. It is very popular among diners.

Jiujiu beef tofu brain

In Leshan, when talking about tofu brain, everyone will first think of the ninety-nine bean curd brain. The spicy and spicy flavor is very good to cater to the public's taste, especially the beef bean curd brain, spicy and sour, crisp and hot, well received by the general public and Chinese and foreign people. Tourists' favorite.

Yibin burning noodles

Yibin has a history of more than 100 years, with fine workmanship and beautiful color. Because the surface is dry and oily, it can be ignited like a fire rope, so it is called a burning surface. Yibin burning surface uses local water leaf surface as the main material, with Yibin broken rice sprouts, small sesame oil, fresh slab oil, star anise, safflower, sesame, peanut, walnut, golden pepper, fine pepper, monosodium glutamate and chives. The pea tip or the spinach leaf is used as an auxiliary material, and the noodles are cooked, picked up and dried, and the alkali taste is removed, and then the traditional process is used to refuel the sauce.

Threaded tofu

Threaded tofu is a representative snack of Leshan, and can also be used as a dish. Dried silk tofu origin: Leshan City, the main material is oil tofu, white radish. The production process is complex and the taste is unique. Leshan sandwiched with dried tofu, fried sautéed tofu with radish or kohlrabi, plus white sugar and pepper, or mustard. Put it in the seller's prepared sweet and sour sauce, and then eat it, it is a comfortable.

Luzhou yellow rice cake

In the fourth episode of "China's 2 on the tip of the tongue," "Homely", Monroe's mother put a few pieces of scutellaria into the eggs. Quzhou Huangqi has been circulating in the southern part of Sichuan for a long time, and it is still one of the special snacks that people in Chenzhou, Zigong and Yibin love. In Zhangzhou, all the streets and alleys sell jaundice, and many families will do jaundice. Quzhou Huangqi has golden color, rich aroma and sweet taste. Its unique feature is that the choice of the ingredients is the ginger leaves, the scent of the yellow scorpion is derived from the aromatic oil contained in the leaves of the ginger. The freshly steamed Astragalus scent is fragrant, and after cooling, it can be sliced ​​and fried, or placed in the simmering water to boil, and it has a flavor.

Phoenix nine grades beef rice noodles

Phoenix Jiu Pin Beef Noodle Line is the signature dish of the Wanshixing Phoenix Hotel. It has a bowl of 15 yuan and can see a lot of the best beef. The soft rice noodles are very chewy and smooth.

Master Lan Dada Noodles

Kneading noodles is a kind of handmade noodles. Use good flour and dough. The dough is not added with alkali, nor fermented. Then it is kneaded into strips and smeared with clear oil for a period of time. When making noodles, pick up the noodles in both hands, and in the kneading and pulling of the masters, wrestle and wrestle into a noodle with a uniform thickness and uniform thickness. Master Lan is the most famous in the security city of Ya, and when it comes to holidays, the store is full of tourists. Its signature three fresh noodles are mainly fungi, and the taste is fresh.

Sweet water noodles

Sweet water surface is also called a great noodles or sticks. It is a famous local snack in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Because of the reuse of copying soy sauce, the taste is sweet and named. The noodles are probably as thick as the head of the chopsticks, so the entrance to the noodles is chewy, and the aroma of peanuts and peppers. The entrance will feel slightly sweet. In the end, it will be spicy, and the fragrance will stay in the mouth for a long time. And the noodles of the strong noodles are served with crunchy peanuts and feel quite good.

Mom TuTou

The mother's rabbit head is a famous traditional Sichuan cuisine, belonging to Sichuan cuisine. Originated from Shuangliu County, Chengdu City, Sichuan Province, it is a local signature food. The rabbit head is divided into five flavors of spicy and spicy, fresh and not sturdy, and the color and flavor are excellent.

Yikang Yibin Burning Noodles

The burning surface is one of the most characteristic Han traditional snacks in Yibin, Sichuan Province. It was originally known as the Xuanguan noodles. The old name is the noodles. Because of its heavy weight and no ignition, the ignition is burning. The snacks are made from local high-quality water noodles, with Yibin broken rice sprouts, small sesame oil, fresh slab oil, star anise, safflower, sesame, peanut, walnut, golden pepper, fine pepper, monosodium glutamate and chives and peas. Or spinach leaves and other accessories, the surface will be cooked, pick up and dry, remove the alkali taste, and then add the oil according to the traditional process.

Chuanbei jelly

Sichuan North Cool Powder, originally a farmhouse snack, has a history of more than 90 years. Since the advent of the late Qing Dynasty, Chuanbei Liangyao has been acclaimed for its flavor of Sichuan, which is unique in its spicy flavor and refreshing taste. The raw materials of the northern Sichuan powder are exquisite, and the peas with low pollution, long light, full granules and high starch content are selected in the northern part of Sichuan. After soaking in impurities, peeling, and soaking in well water, use a stone mill to push into soy milk, filter with silk cloth, and after some precipitation, use burlap to smash into powder, add appropriate amount of well water to make a slurry, then stir the jelly, and finally pour Naturally cooled and shaped in the earthen jar.

Duck rick cake

The duck 粑, also known as the pig 粑, is a Yibin name. The color of the product is white and bright, the skin is thin and tender, biting a scent, oily but not greasy, aromatic and refreshing, with non-stick leaves, non-stick chopsticks, no Sticky teeth and other "three non-stick" features. The main raw materials are pork, glutinous rice, duck eucalyptus leaves (good ginger leaves), sprouts, various kinds of sand washing. It tastes good, oily but not greasy, aromatic and refreshing. Named after its tenderness like a duckling.

Zitong rice noodles

Baked powder is one of the three most popular local snacks. The other two are the shortbread cakes and the bowls, each with its own characteristics. Some people say that the bracts of powder, like the folk customs of the hustle and bustle, are simple and soft, and they seem to have some truth. Tablet powder, the food has a hemp, spicy, rushing taste. The nature is still hot, chewed, flexible and cool, giving people a cold. A snack, cold and heat are all right, yin and yang are appropriate, no strangers call it absolutely.

Egg cake

Egg bake cake, a famous traditional snack in Chengdu, Sichuan, began in the Qing Dynasty. In the three years of Qing Daoguang, the old man of the surnamed teacher next to the Shishi Academy of Wenmiao Street in Chengdu (now Han Weng Shishi, Chengdu Shishi Middle School) was inspired by the child to do “Auntie”, using eggs, fermented flour and appropriate amount of brown sugar. Mix thoroughly and bake in a pan. Because it tastes crisp and refreshing, the taste is particularly good, and it becomes a Sichuan name.

YeEr rice cake

Ye Erzhen is a traditional snack in Sichuan. Traditional food of Chuanxi Farmhouse Qingming Festival and Chuannan Spring Festival. Ye Erzhen has different names and characteristics in different regions. In Chongzhou and other places, it is also called Ai Wei. In the Sichuan, Yibin, Zhangzhou and Yungui, Zhaotong Zunyi and other places are called pigs. In addition, in the Leshan area, the leaves used by Ye Erzhen are different. The locals use the unique leaves of the local leaves of the genus Corydalis as the eucalyptus leaves, which can be wrapped well.

Red Pearl Golden Cinnamon Cake

Osmanthus fragrans is a delicious pastry made from glutinous rice flour, sugar and honey osmanthus. It is a traditional snack with Chinese characteristics. The Jingui cake of Hongzhushan Hotel next to Baoguo Temple in Leshan City, Leshan City is soft, sweet and delicate. It has a faint golden osmanthus fragrance.

Mianyang rice noodles

The powder of Mianyang rice noodles is very fine, and it is thinner than the fans. It is also not necessary to cook. Pour the powder into the bamboo scorpion, use the soup to take two shots, then put the bowl into the soup, then put it into the soup head.nThe most important thing about a bowl of Mianyang rice noodles is the rice noodle itself. The raw materials are carefully selected rice, all pure and natural, no added. After the strict production process, today's Mianyang rice noodles are created.nMianyang rice noodles because the powder is very fine, the powder will absorb the soup well, it tastes quite tasty, and the spicy flavor is all in the powder. The essence of Mianyang rice noodles is all in the soup, basically no need to season, and finally add peas, kelp, do not have a taste!

Luzhou yellow rice cake

Cangzhou Huangpi is a traditional snack with hundreds of years of history in Cangzhou. It originates from the formation of rural and urban families. It is made from brown sugar, white sugar, glutinous rice, rice, and natural plant sassafras leaves. It is a popular food. The color is golden, the aroma is rich, and the taste is sweet and sweet. Its unique feature is that the choice of the ingredients is the ginger leaves, the scent of the yellow scorpion is derived from the aromatic oil contained in the leaves of the ginger.