shandong snacks

Wu Dalang Shaobing

"Wu Dalang sizzling sizzling cake" originated from the Northern Song Dynasty, in the TV series "Wu Song", Wu Dalang picked up the lens of the pedigree in Ziyang Street, Yanggu County, everyone knows. There are also many descriptions in the two classical classics of "Water Margin" and "Jin Ping Mei". For many years, the people of Yanggu have been eating as a traditional place. Under the continuous improvement and innovation of the chef, it has become the favorite of the people, the workmanship is fine, the flavor is unique, it is easy to carry, and it is the best gift for friends and relatives.

Old Jinan Handle meat

Each city has its own temperament and taste, and the meat is the most typical Jinan taste. The meat is one of the classic dishes of Lu cuisine. The fat and thin pork belly with skin is trapped in a place with a hemp rope. It is cooked and placed in soy sauce and stewed until it is smashed. It is fat but not greasy. Thin but not firewood, more flavor and more flavor, the meat color is mouth-watering, especially soft, slightly sweet mouth, the meat sauce is infiltrated into the rice, it is delicious!

Jinan oil rotation

Oil spin, Jinan famous snack, the shape is like a spiral, the surface is oily and golden, and a strong aroma of onion oil is emitted from the hollow swirl, which is very attractive. The oil swirl has two round and elliptical shapes. More elaborately, after the oil spin is mature, a hollow hole is formed, and an egg is poured into the oven. The egg and the oil turn into one, and the food is more beautiful.

Shandong Pancake

Shandong Pancake is a traditional and special cuisine of folks in northern China. It is a local specialty of Tai'an in Shandong. It originated from Taishan and has been supplied by the court for generations. It has a long history and no test in the era of creation. The Ming Dynasty has become a commonplace. The high quality corn, millet, walnut kernel, sesame and white sugar are mixed scientifically, without any pigments and additives, and are made by traditional techniques. The pancakes are fragrant and delicious, with a strong local flavor.

Fushan noodles

Fukuyama Noodle is one of the three flavored noodles in Yantai. It is famous for its traditional flavor in Shandong. It is also known as the “Four Great Noodles” in China with Lanzhou Ramen, Beijing Noodles and Shanxi Noodles. As the mainstay of Lu cuisine, Fushan Daping plays an important role in the development of Shandong cuisine.

Qingdao sea jelly

Hailiang Powder is a special product of Qingdao. It is made from a seaweed unique vegetable in Qingdao. It has high nutritional value and can be eaten in all seasons. It is often cooked by Qingdao people in the summer to cool off and taste delicious.nContains a lot of trace elements necessary for the human body. The main method of consumption is cold salad. According to personal preference: sweet, salty, sour and fragrant can be added to various side dishes. Long-term consumption has a good effect on patients with three highs.

Zhoucun Biscuits

Zhoucun biscuits originated from the “Hu cake” of the Han Dynasty and have a production history of more than 1800 years. According to historical records, in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, Zhoucun merchants gathered, a variety of snacks were born at the time, the "hu cake furnace" used to bake the cake on the cake was introduced to Zhoucun at this time, the master of the local restaurant shop combined with the coke cake The characteristics of thin, fragrant and brittle are improved to create a large-scale succulent cake, which is the prototype of Zhoucun biscuits. In the late Qing Dynasty, the royal family repeatedly adjusted the Zhoucun biscuits, which also made Zhoucun biscuits famous all over the world. At that time, the famous trade name “Badaxiang” in Shandong Province (the time when Badaxiang actually operated the satin and was famous at the time) also ordered the Zhoucun big crispy cake to be sent out to the outside of the box as a good product. Around 1951, Zhoucun people also used Zhoucun biscuits as gifts to greet the Chinese People's Volunteers who were on the front line of the Korean War.

Braised Chicken,Dezhou Style

Dezhou pheasant, also known as Texas Spiced Boneless Chicken. Following the theory of harmonics, eight herbs such as white peony and Amomum villosum are selected. At the same time, the selection of cinnamon, fragrant leaves and other eight flavors of spices, in accordance with the realm of the ancient law, compatibility, aroma into the bones, swaying the boundless cheeks, all body Shutai. As early as the Qing Emperor Qianlong, the Texas pheasant was listed as a tribute to the palace for the emperor and the royal family to enjoy. In the 1950s, Vice President Soong Ching Ling returned to Beijing from Shanghai. He repeatedly stopped to buy pheasants in Texas and gave a tribute to Chairman Mao Zedong.

Oil rotation

The oil spin is a traditional name eaten by the Han nationality in Jinan, Shandong Province. The outer skin is crispy, the inner skin is tender and tender, and the onion is smooth and nasal. Because of its shape resembling a spiral, the surface oil is golden yellow, hence the name oil spin. Jinan people eat more oil spins are hot, and then with a bowl of chicken silk, can be described as inexpensive, wonderful. The oil swirl has two kinds of round and elliptical shapes. More sophisticated, after the oil spins mature, smash a hole, break into an egg, and then bake in the oven for a while, the egg and the oil spin into one, the food is more beautiful.

Jinan sweet foam

Sweet foam originated from the bean foam in the northern part of Henan Province, and later spread to the traditional name of Shandong Jinan, popular porridge food, one of the two strangers of Quancheng. Sweet foam is a kind of salty porridge cooked mainly with millet noodles. Jinan people also commonly known as "five-sweet sweet foam". Among the many snacks in Jinan, sweet foam is the most distinctive “signature” famous snack. Sweet foam is a kind of salty porridge. After the porridge is done, the owner will ask “add any more”, referring to the addition of accessories such as fans, vegetables and tofu. Later, people will become a “sweet foam”, so the sweet foam The taste is salty, not sweet. Tea soup is not tea, rice is more overflowing than tea. The sweet foam is not sweet, and it is sweet to read the five flavors. Adjusting the appetizer, benefiting the lungs and nausea, clearing away damp heat, benefiting the liver and gallbladder, delaying aging and other functions, nourishing qi, delaying the decline of brain function, moisturizing the skin to prevent arteriosclerosis, hypertension and coronary heart disease, and diminishing water.

Jinan Cloth bag chicken

Baguette chicken, also known as "sea-flavored assorted chicken", is a famous dish of Lu cuisine. It has always occupied the first place of Lu cuisine egg and poultry. It originated from the early Yuan Dynasty and was held in Qianlong. It is a traditional characteristic of Xiajin. Because of its shape, it is like a bag. Named "Bag Chicken". It is the finale of Manchu.

Weifang burning cake

In history, there were a large number of farmers in Weifang who used the time of slack farming to make sesame seeds, which is today's hard-faced fire. They use wooden bars to press the surface, the surface is dead, the surface is very hard, the fire is round, the middle is thick and thin, one side is convex, one side is concave, after molding, fine fire, roast, burn, etc. Cooked, because it was made by the countryman, the city called it "township fire." The people in the city also burned and smashed the surface. This is a kind of fire with a round shape like a hoe and five wings around it. It is made of a mixture of dead face and noodles. The name is called the head of the fire. Later, the two merged, collectively referred to as the head of the fire.

Pot cake

Pot cake is one of the famous traditional spots in Binzhou City, Shandong Province. First, use the soft noodles to make two small cakes. Put the yellow on the hazelnuts, then use the eggs, cooked meat, tofu, and parsley to make the filling. Stir in the cake, fry and cut into pieces. After the founding of Xingshi in Xiguan Village, Bincheng, the end of the Qing Dynasty, after years of accumulation and research, this kind of food with a single piece of meat or egg has become a long-lasting "old name" after a hundred years of wind and rain.

Heze hanging furnace biscuit

The sizzling sizzling cake is traditionally eaten in Shandong Heze. It is well-made, exquisitely used, exquisite and crisp, crisp and delicious, and beautiful in appearance. It is different in the department of industry and commerce because of its different utensils, workmanship, shape, appetite and other “pasta”. Named "traditional name to eat."

Jiaodong Big Mantou

Jiaodong Datoutou, once heard the name reveals the kindness and sincerity of the Shandong people, the locals call it Daxie. In Jiaodong, the steamed taro in the twelfth lunar month is just as important as the 30-year-old dumplings. No matter how busy, every household must steam a few pots. There are various kinds of details on the shape and name of Jiaotou Datoutoutou. The hemisphere and the big one are called 饽饽, 馍馍, and the rectangular box called the 卷, as the 年 of the annual festival, the happy event, and the sacrifice. The technical content of the sputum is very high. From the production of the “faucet” to the surface ratio of the dough, from the hand force of the glutinous surface to the control of the upper drawer to the fire, all need “exclusive tips”.

Qufu smoked tofu

Qufu smoked tofu is also known as "Kongfu smoked tofu." Qufu smoked tofu is well-known in China and abroad, and it is a traditional snack with unique flavor in Shandong. It has a unique taste, cold, stir-fried, stewed, boiled, and served as a table. Qufu smoked tofu is well-known both at home and abroad. It is not only a local traditional snack, but also one of the famous dishes in the Confucius Banquet. It has been developed for hundreds of years, because the Emperor Qianlong tasted it. Appreciation and reputation increased. Qufu smoked tofu can be cold-boiled or stewed. The smoked tofu and meat pieces are placed in a wok, and the water is not covered. After being stewed with chili, fennel, pepper, cinnamon, etc., it is very delicious.