shanxi food

Gourd chicken

Gourd chicken is a traditional dish of Han nationality in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, which began in the Tang Dynasty. The production of gourd chicken is divided into three steps: cooking, steaming and frying. In the production, first rinse in clear water, in addition to clean blood, boil the chicken with hemp, to keep the chicken plastic, wait for the cold water in the pot to boil, put the chicken, cook for half an hour, take out, Sheng - pot, add Broth, cooking wine, salt, soy sauce, onion, ginger, star anise, cinnamon, steamed into the cage. When frying, burn the rapeseed oil to 80% of the steamed whole chicken, and use the spoon to move. When the chicken is golden brown, use a colander to remove it, drain the oil, then put it in the plate and bring it to the table. Butterfly salt and salt. The color is golden red, the skin is tender and tender, the smell is mellow, and the chopsticks are off the bone.

Stir-fried pork with vegetables

The stir-fried meat of lotus vegetables is one of the representative dishes of Shaanxi cuisine. It seems to be simple and complicated. First of all, Lotus Root has chosen the unique nine-eyed lotus in the Guanzhong. It is cooked with the fat-skinned and fat-skinned, lustrous Nanshan black fungus. Made of.

Milk soup pot fish

The milk soup pot fish evolved on the basis of the "milk stuffed fish" of the Tang'an Gong'an restaurant. The milk soup is a "milk soup" that is made into a sauce such as chicken, duck, stomach and bones. The fish is taken from the live squid and washed into the pot and added to the milk soup. On the table, ignite the white wine under the pot, and there is a green and shining flame around the pot, which is very characteristic. This dish is delicate and tender, the soup is like milk, and the juice is fresh and delicious. It is a winter dish.

Braised joint of pork in brown sauce

With a pair of elbows, it has a unique traditional dish of local characteristics in Shaanxi. The dish made with the pig's front leg is exquisitely crafted, steamed with steam, color is jujube red, shaped like futon, fat but not greasy, thin and not firewood, chewy and long, no flavor. The materials are unique, different from other elbows, the elbows with bones and hooves, the vegetables like a mound, the shape is chic and full, called a 'one king in the plate. It is said that in the Datun area of ​​Shaanxi Province, if there is no such thing as "taking the elbow" on the holiday season, it will not be considered a full seat.

Warm blended waist silk

Warm mixed waist silk is evolved from the Tang Dynasty sheepskin filament, the famous Han nationality snack in Xi'an, Shaanxi. It is named for its use in pig kidneys and other excipients, seasonings, and warm mixing methods. It is one of the masterpieces of high-grade dishes made with low-grade ingredients. Due to the meticulous workmanship and exquisite cooking methods, the dishes are crisp and tender, and the aromas of ginger, garlic and pepper are complemented by each other. The taste is rich and refreshing.


Shaosan is a signature dish with Shaanxi characteristics and a home-cooked dish suitable for winter consumption. The main raw materials are: meatballs, fish belly, roast meat, small green vegetables, flower mushrooms, etc., with a combination of vegetarian and vegetarian products, the entrance is smooth and tender, suitable for all ages.

Steamed pot

Ziyang Steamed Bun is the earliest Han Chinese snack originated from Hanwang Town, Ziyang County, Shaanxi Province. It is said that it was founded in the Han Liubang period. It was the first time that Hanjiang was working to stop the gathering, and later developed into the finale on the New Year's Eve reunion dinner. The dish is original, the soup is fragrant, and the color and aroma are excellent. Ziyang steamed pots, the cost of materials, the length of time, the cumbersome procedures, the workmanship, slightly delayed, the taste is big, not the general region can do, it deserves to become the most distinctive traditional Ziyang traditional dish .

Steamed salted pork in wine

The bad meat is the traditional flavor dish of Shaanxi, also known as steamed pork, red jujube meat, steamed with pork belly, red dates, glutinous rice dumplings and so on. Its appearance is exquisite, such as crystal, the color is brownish red, the oil is lustrous and bright, the fragrance is tempting, the fat is not greasy, the sweet and soft is soft, the entrance is instant, the nutrition is rich, and the old and the young are suitable.

Shangzhi meat

Shangzhi meat is a special dish of Shangluo, and its famous name is mainly attributed to its main ingredient, Zhicao. Shangzhicao is a kind of fern herb, the tender stem is purple-red, and the leaf buds are distorted like chicken feet. Every spring, the stems are about seventy-eight inches long, and they are fat and tender. This tender stem is the material used for Shangzhi meat. Shangzhi meat is ruddy in color, soft in texture, fat and not greasy, and the entrance can be turned into a strong scent of Shangzhi.

Sea cucumber and hooves

"Vladivostok hoof" is a famous dish in Shaanxi. The choice of materials, coupled with the unique "烀" cooking method in Shaanxi, is even more unique. It is a winter food supplement. The sea cucumber is moist, the trotters are red and sticky, the soup is rich, and the salt is fresh and palatable.