hebei food

Baiyangdian stewed fish

Baiyangdian stewed fish is one of the specialties of Baiyangdian. The ingredients of this dish are fresh and live fish of different kinds in Baiyangdian. To eat the stewed fish of Baiyangdian, it must be accompanied by corn patties. The taste is simply wonderful.

Stewed pork elbow

The elbow is a traditional dish of Tangshan. It is made from pig's elbow. It is processed through various processes such as watering, oiling, boiling, steaming, juice, and shaping. It has a rosy color, soft texture, mellow taste and fat. Not tired and so on.

Nourishing sheep neck

The neck of the sheep is tender and has almost no fat layer and is delicious. Mutton warmth, qi and nourishing yin, warming in the tonic, appetizing and strengthening, in the "Compendium of Materia Medica" is regarded as a warm tonic for the supplement of Yuanyang and Yixue.

Golden lion fish

Golden Retriever is a traditional dish in Shijiazhuang. Golden lionfish are mainly made of squid. After being modified with squid, it is fried. Golden color, sweet and sour taste. Because the color of the dish is golden and shaped like a lion, it is named.

Pan bag elbow

The pot and elbow is a famous dish in Baoding area and has a history of more than 100 years. The pot elbow was invented by the chef of Baoding Gaoyang County. This dish is tender and tender, crisp and delicious, fragrant but not greasy, easy to carry. If it is served with green onions and noodles, it has a different flavor.

Braised north and South

It is a traditional and famous dish of Zhangjiakou, which belongs to the 冀 cuisine. The so-called north and south, is based on the northeast mushroom and Jiangnan bamboo shoots, cut them into thin slices, stir fry in the steaming pot, add some spices and fresh soup, boil the soup, topped with chicken oil. This dish is delicious and refreshing.

Royal pot

Yu Pin Pan is a special dish of Chengde. On the top is a layer of pork belly. The pork belly is thin and fat, and is marinated in advance, then sliced ​​and spread on top. There are holes in the bottom, noodles, kelp, frozen tofu, Chinese cabbage, sauerkraut, meatballs, so stew together, the meat is more savory after the meat, the meat tastes better, the meat is not greasy.

Crispy shrimp

The appearance of crispy shrimp is golden yellow, and the elastic meat makes it taste delicious. Bite down, the skin is slightly crisp, the inside is fresh and refreshing, very appetizing.

White jade chicken

White jade chicken chop is a traditional Sichuan famous dish. It began in the late Qing Dynasty and originated from the historical and cultural city of Baoding. It was created by the famous chefs in the Baoding House in the late Qing Dynasty and then flowed into the restaurant. This dish has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, white color like jade, delicate texture and fragrant taste. It has been favored by many diners.

Waist flower

The waist is cut into the waist of the pig, the piece is taken to the waist, and the wheat knives are cut, the red water is simmered, the oil is washed, and the sauté is made by the method of sautéing, but the radish juice is slightly thicker than the leeks. This dish has a long history and has been continuously improved to become the current waist flower.