jilin food

Double Cooked Pork Slices

The pot of meat, formerly known as the pot of blasting meat, is a northeastern dish. During the Guangxu period, it was created by the hand of Zheng Xingwen, the chef of Yin Du Xuexue, Harbin. The pot of meat is adapted to the taste of foreign guests, and the savory taste of "scorched pork strips" has been changed into a sweet and sour taste. The pork tenderloin slices are usually marinated in savory, wrapped in deep-fried syrup, fried in a pot until golden brown, and then boiled in a pan.

Chicken Hazel mushroom Sweet potato noodle

One of the traditional dishes of Jilin Province. The raw materials are chicken, oyster mushrooms and vermicelli. Put in the prepared ingredients and simmer for 40 minutes. The characteristics of the dish are: the meat is rotten and boneless, and the taste is mellow. The core dish is still chicken stewed with mushrooms. Here, the noodles must be placed on the farmer's sweet potato vermicelli. After the noodles are stewed, the taste of the soup and the oil juice is absorbed. It is delicious and smooth, especially chicken.

Braised Ginkgo in Hot Toffee

The famous dish of northeastern China, "Drawing Ginkgo", is heard, ginkgo? Silver almond? Wrong, in fact, the main ingredients of the pickled ginkgo are eggs. Beat the four-five-six eggs and add half the dry starch of the eggs and mix well. Add a small amount of oil in the pot, fry the egg liquid for three or four pancakes, fold the egg cake into pieces, cut into small diamond pieces, and then fry in a frying pan until crispy golden. The surface of the egg pieces is drum-shaped. Add a small amount of oil to the pot, put white sugar, stir with a spoon in one direction, wait until the sugar melts into syrup, pour the freshly fried egg into the pot, stir fry until the eggs are full. After the syrup, it will be fine. Do not make a fire on the egg skin, the egg skin should be thin, the pot is full of oil but not extra oil. When the sugar is fried, the fire cannot be too high. It is most important to stir the anti-paste.

Tofu Omelet

The tofu is immersed in seasoning, the quail egg liquid is fried, and the chicken soup is slightly fired. It is very tasty. It can also be called "pot dumping tofu stuffing". The dish is dark yellow, the shape is neat, the mouth is delicious, and the nutrition is rich.

Sweetened Bean Paste with White Scarfskin

Snow Bean Paste belongs to Ji Cai (Northeastern Cuisine) and has a history of 100 years. It is very popular among tourists. The main raw materials are red beans, eggs, and white sugar. The shape of the garden group, the color is white, sprinkle with white sugar before eating, so it is called this. This dish is sweet and delicious and has a unique flavor.

Braised Treasures from Deer in Terrine

Casserole Lubao City JI cuisine innovative nourishing food. This dish uses the specialty parts of the specialty sika deer in Jilin, namely: deer whip, deer tendon, deer tail, tongue, ear, heart, blood, velvet and so on as the main ingredient, supplemented by special soup, made by boiling, stewing, steaming, steaming and other techniques. . It has a rich and fragrant, rich color, soft texture and great relief.

White pork and blood large intestine

The full name of white meat blood sausage should be "sauerkraut stewed white meat blood sausage". There is a famous online song "Northeastern people are living Lei Feng", the last sentence says: "Cuihua, sauerkraut!" The sauerkraut here refers to "sauerkraut stewed white meat blood sausage". In the winter, the cabbage can't be kept, and people pick it up into "sauerkraut". In the northeastern countryside, almost every household has to be marinated; white meat is the pork belly; blood sausage is the pig's blood that is added to other materials and poured into the casing. Into. The sauerkraut is cut into filaments, and the flying knife cuts out the neat white meat and blood sausage. It is also a wild fire. It tastes fat but not greasy, thin and not firewood, the blood sausage is crisp and soft, the hot soup is fresh and fragrant, and the ingredients are all delicious and popular.

Slacking Changbai Mountain Matsutake Yam

Sautéed Changbai Mountain Matsutake Yam is a delicious dish made from the pineapple and yam of Changbai Mountain. Matsutake and yam are all homologous ingredients of medicine and food. Matsutake is rich in trace elements and polysaccharides, which has certain beneficial effects and can enhance human immune function. Yam has the functions of spleen and dampness, suitable for people with weak spleen and stomach. edible.

Fried pork slices

The meat section is a traditional dish in the northeast region. It has the characteristics of crispy, tender and delicious. The finished product is crispy, salty and delicious, and the home-cooked food on the table of the people. The steamed meat from the meat segment is a classic in the Northeast cuisine.

Slip three

Three kinds of traditional Cantonese cuisines, especially from Ludi, have been adapted to the tastes of the Northeasters, and the food is smooth and full of fragrance. The three main ingredients of the Northeastern cuisine are pork belly, pig liver and pig intestine. Slippery refers to the more marinade slipping method in which the raw sizing oil is matured and then adjusted to have a special taste. Slippery looks like a wide, smooth and fresh juice. The operation process is to first smooth the raw materials, and then cook the marinade in the pot separately, pour the raw materials into the pot, and mix them with a little. The slick marinade can't be used much under the scent, and the oil can't be too much. The effect of this dish is to eat a bowl of rice and eat six bowls of rice today.