Zunyi Uncongealed tofu noodles

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    Top Ten Famous Snacks in China (Guizhou)
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Zunyi Bean Noodle is a traditional snack that is full of flavors and flavors. Soft and smooth, spicy and rich in flavor and special flavor. Originally created by Buddhism, it was created in the early 20th century. Zunyi bean noodles Zunyi bean noodles are very characteristic Guizhou snacks. Zunyi bean noodles are mainly made of noodles. The cooking method is mainly based on cooking, and the taste is savory.

Zunyi bean flower surface is soft and smooth, spicy and rich in flavor, and special in flavor. It is an original creation of Zunyi people. The noodles are covered with a bunch of white beancurd, and the noodles are dipped in soy milk. Beancurd, some places called water tofu, is a sour soup after a few days of storing the tofu in the previous tofu. Use this sour soup to order tofu, so that the tofu has no bitter taste of gypsum or brine, which is more tender than the general tofu and tighter than the tofu brain. Bean noodles ingredients, special way to eat. The noodles are the same surface and the amount of soil alkali is added. It is repeatedly pulled by hand to make a thin and transparent lasagna. After cooking in the pot, it is not soft or hard, and the soy milk is used as a soup. The top cover of the fresh bean flower, plus a cup of chili water, chili water is stressful, both vegetarian and glutinous, the vegetarian pepper is served with five kinds of confidential ingredients, and the pepper is also served with lean diced meat, chicken diced, peanuts, Tofu skin, gold hooks, etc., the taste is delicious, the bean flower and the face are picked into the chili dish to eat. It is said that it originated in the Guangxu period of the Qing Dynasty. It was originally a plain noodle. It was opened by a line of good people for the people who came to Xiangshan Temple to burn incense and worship Buddha. Therefore, the profit is meager and how delicious, many people have made sacrifices for this purpose. Developed into an authentic Zunyi bean noodle, business is booming. In Zunyi City, the bean noodle restaurant is spread all over the streets, and the business is booming. Numerous bean flower noodle restaurants are the most famous in the old town area, among which the old town Xinhua Bridge head Liu Chengfu's home bean flower noodles is the most famous. When the leader of Deng Xiaoping's Central Committee inspected Zunyi in 1958, he also tasted the bean noodles in the old city. Visitors from other places to Zunyi are also looking for a new taste in the bean noodle restaurant.